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You consumed too much. You streamlined tryptophan and carbs like you were some waning Tom Hanks character, stranded in the Pacific after three long weeks. You’re sick of your family, you’re over your data usage for this month, and you’ve officially outgrown sneaking gin at the kiddie table.

Consider this the hair of the dog. We’ve compiled a literary antidote to your post-Thanksgiving slump with some of the best boozy, smoky fiction and true stories from our archives. Drink up.

1- Hangover Soup


Fiction writer Louise Redd attempts to cure us — and her troubled characters — with garlic-laden hangover soup.

2- Sex on Ice


The humbling story of a sexual Lent, when one girlfriend gives up sex between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. This one will fill you with Yuletide cheer.

3- A Life of Substance

Legendary punk singer Richard Hell thinks just about any sexual experience can be improved by any recreational drug. Namely, lots and lots of cocaine.

4- Romancing the Stoner


Ondine Galsworth offers us proper care instructions for our new stoner boyfriends. Tried and true seduction techniques for men (and hey, women) who appreciate IHOP, staying in, and taco stands.

5- The Hollywood Guide to Drinking


Find the perfect booze and movie pairing this holiday season with the Hollywood Guide to Drinking.