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Here Are the Most and Least Popular Citi Bike Stations in New York City

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Since the program launched in May of last year, Citi Bike has been resoundingly popular, with more than 100,000 annual members and over seven million trips over the course of the first year. Finally, New Yorkers are as mobile, as green, as healthy as their brethren in DC, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco (the list goes on). But where, exactly, are the bikes the most popular? Which stations are most likely to have a set of wheels waiting, and which are most likely to be all out? Who is the prom queen of bike docks, and which bike docks are hiding under the bleachers?

To figure it out, web developer Aidan Feldman and software engineer Abe Stanway crunched the numbers. Citi Bike publishes a feed of all their station information — which bikes are at which docks when, for example, and the bike capacity at each station. Working collaboratively (Stanway collected the data, Feldman aggregated it), the pair generated a comprehensive list: here’s where you’re most likely to find a bike when you need one, and here’s where your chances are the worst. So plan accordingly — the bikes at Cadman Plaza East won’t wait for you (but the ones at East 11th might.)