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Cougars rejoice. A new study claims that if you’re a rich lady you’ll have a better sex life when you’re old. The Toronto Star reports on new findings that say sex is all about power (duh) and that power comes from money (duh) therefore it changes the dynamic in older single women (okay). You see, when the ladies have all the control the pleasure is all theirs.

PhD candidate Annie Xiaoyu Gong and her team found that the richer and more educated older women are, the better their sex lives.

“Women are at a more disadvantaged position in society and having those social resources, as well as economic resources, improves their satisfaction,” said Gong, 27, who is presenting the findings at the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences held at the University of Calgary this week.

“They’re definitely more empowered in the relationship, which leads to higher satisfaction.”


But the study also found that men don’t fare so well. Turns out for dudes the same things don’t hold when it comes to sexaul gratification.

For men, though, Gong says, “it’s a different story.” Both older and younger men’s sexual satisfaction hinges mostly on physiological factors, like their physical and mental health. “They define their sexual satisfaction by how often they have sex . . . these social or economic factors don’t matter much,” the researcher said.

But perhaps the most revealing numbers are those that deal with just exactly how much sex these old folks are having. 30% of the elderly population are still getting it on.

What have we learned? If you’re a woman, get rich and have better sex when you’re old because you’ll have more control. If you’re a guy, well, then your caveman numbers game last well into your twilight years. Oh, when you get older avoid retirement homes. Turns out there’s more STDs than a Spring Break crash pad.

h/t Toronto Star