It Takes 10 People to Write a Rihanna Song and Other News

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  • Hipster Runoff was a cultural phenomena and the blogger behind the site, Carles, was shrouded in mystery. His tone was at once self aware and insecure. The bloggy voice that Carles cultivated seemed both mock and glorify internet culture. It led Gawker to call crown him Hipster of the Decade. But when Hipster Runoff became apart of the hype it commented on, the joke was over. Vice has the story of The Last Relevant Blogger.

  • The documentary Zoo was an unflinching look into the psychology of zoophilia. Now Dolphin Lover takes on the same subject. Albeit in a much more uncomfortable jockular way. Guys, this is still dolphin sex.

  • The video for Rihanna, Kanye West, Paul McCartney collaboration came out today. It’s a great little stripped down song. But clocking in at just over 3 minutes we wondered by it took 10 people to write it? It’s not news that people like Sia have returned pop music to the Tin Pan Alley days. But 10 people? Was it written by committee or are those just token songwriting credits? Either way. We’re listening.
  • Aeon features a haunting and hilarious look of the thing we perhaps most take for granted. Breath. “This collection video from The Mercadantes, the husband-and-wife filmmakers Daniel and Katina Mercadante in California, explores the human breath and its innumerable forms – from the first gasping cries of a newborn to the sighed relief of a well-earned chance to rest.”