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Love in a Time of Cannabis

Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Sex and Smoke a Bong.

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Can Meeting Donald Trump Get You Laid?

Two horny strangers have lunch and discuss Donald Trump.

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Loving Too Much

Can you be addicted to caring? Whitney Mallet unravels the pathology of codependency.

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Bonnie and Clyde Syndrome Is a Real Thing

Why do we love outlaws?

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This Is Your Brain on a Break Up

Sure, the pain is all in your head, but that doesn’t mean it’s not real.

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How I’m Getting Over My Breakup With Katy Perry, Hating ‘500 Days of Summer,’ and a Lot of Running

I wait for the bottom to fall out. But maybe this is just my new life.

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Keys to the Circus: Giving Up the Magic of Office Romances

It was a secret magic, dating someone you worked with.

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A Surprising Weekend Inside the Touchy-Feely World of Polyamory

When sexual liberation becomes an official “lifestyle,” is there any fun left?

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What These Hot Dudes in Central Park Really Think About New York Dating

“So, you start off your courtship with a dick joke…”

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How to Emoji Text Your Newly Engaged Ex

What happened, you get pregnant?

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If You Watch Romantic Sitcoms, Turns Out You Actually Hate Love

Sorry, Sam and Diane.

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Tag, You’re It: One Man on Learning Reciprocity Isn’t a Given

“I packed an entire box of condoms. Presumptuous, yes.”

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How I Found Empowerment in Letting a Man Shave My Pubic Hair

When my boyfriend asked me to go bare, I balked. Until he explained why.

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How I Got Over My Breakup With Boxes of Protein Bars, ‘Glee,’ and the Potent Combo of Red Wine and Nyquil

When you’re drowsy from fermented grapes and blue liquid, who even knows what a side of the bed is.

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Paris Bridge Collapses Under the Weight of Symbolic ‘Love Locks’

Quel dommage.

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The People Fighting for the Right to Marry Their Friends Could Change the Nature of Marriage (and Friendship)

If the government valued friendship more, would we?

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