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Art sometimes imitates life. Ryan Gosling loved a real girl in a movie cause he was depressed.


It was a pretty good movie but now it seems a man in Japan really does love his doll. Speaking to Getty Images (for some reason) the man says his love of the rubber lady didn’t happen all at once. The paper of record on sex dolls, The New York Post, has the story:

Senji Nakajima, 61, lives in a Tokyo apartment with his rubber lover, Saori — a life-size doll that he says he’s been intimate with for six years.

“For me, she is more than a doll. Not just a silicon rubber,” he told Getty Images. “She needs much help, but still is my perfect partner who shares precious moments with me and enriches my life.”

The married father of two admitted he only wanted Saori for the sex, at least initially, as he was living away from his family and was lonely.

Ya don’t say, Senji. But before we all go judging this very nice man let’s stop and think about it. She’s not going to nag you about picking up your dirty clothes. She’s not going to invite her ex to your birthday party. She’s not going to search your phone for nudie pics you sent to your ex after she invited her ex to your birthday and then send those nudie pics to your boss and co-workers. Or as Nakajima puts it:

“She never betrays,” he said.

Well put, my friend. You do you.