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Love & Sex


The Devil’s Feet

We were getting married. To whom, you ask? To Christ.

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Sex Education From Under the Sea

The art of seduction from under the waves.

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Feminism Or Fuckboyism?

“The nude selfie takes the privacy out of an individual audience and sexts the whole world.”

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The Official Nerve Glossary of Sex and Gender Terminology

Sex and gender are complicated. Use the right words.

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Hayley Coster

Glamorous White, Cinnamon, Cool Mint

She would know that I didn’t just want him; I wanted the things she had.

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This Is What Happened

When I do think of her, I think about her smoking outside a church at her brother’s creepy wedding.

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“Anyone home? She kissed his collarbone. Anybody there?”

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The 10 Weirdest Places People Have Been Caught Having Sex

Just so you know.

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The Man In The Rat Mask

Talk is cheap and what you do is golden: An exclusive short story written by the lyrical genius, R.M.Drake.

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The dark hurts my eyes.

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Burning Money w Mirror

Camouflage Country

New fiction from Ryan Ridge and Mel Bosworth.

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Follow Avatar While Walking

An excerpt from The Farmacist, a lyrical novel about the Facebook game Farm Town.

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Fremont Street - Las Vegas - 1952

The Principle

In the land of polygamous gay mormons.

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On (Not) Coming of Age

Masturbation takes a lot of work, especially the first time.

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Imperial Bedrooms

“Guys my age are idiots,” she says, turning around. “Guys my age are awful.”

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She was a foreign journalist, assigned to interview me.

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Sucker June

The orgasm itself was an exclusionary adventure.

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A Homeless Guide To San Francisco

It’s just you and me and everyone else under these city stars, son.

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Wonder Woman Was My Lover

I heard Wonder Woman making the sounds Wonder Woman makes when in the throes of ecstasy.

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The Girl Who Planted Flowers

She thought she was in the house where she had partied the night before, she wasn’t sure, she just wasn’t sure.

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