10 Cute Guys on What They Wear to Get Laid

“I’m not sure it matters. Some of the most ridiculous guys get laid all the time.”



I would probably wear loafers, because there’s really no excuse for dudes to wear sneakers when they’re going out. Unless they’re jogging, or they’re going to play some kind of sport.

I would also wear some nicer jeans or maybe even some tailored suit pants, then a sweater with a collared shirt underneath. Again, T-shirts and baseball hats aren’t really appropriate for going out. I would just try to be very put together. To me, it doesn’t really matter how fancy you look, as long as there’s some thought behind it.


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Dec 06 10 - 1:44am

Wow, welcome to the douche parade! The last two guys are exempt for lack of being pretentious.

Dec 06 10 - 2:16am

this cannot be real. who are these guys???

Feb 20 12 - 9:47am
need a fuck buddy

tru dat

Dec 06 10 - 2:44am

hey that's moshe kasher - dude's funny . . . . also, most of these guys are douchey as hell

Dec 06 10 - 2:50am

Agreed, jr. Everyone but the last two sucked.

Mar 24 11 - 9:29pm

wat kind of person are u

Dec 06 10 - 4:11am

Probably wouldn't fuck anyone but TJ.

Dec 06 10 - 4:24am

a) if i am going to hook up with a dude, his clothes have little to do with it and b) seriously? these were the cutest guys they could find? fail.

Dec 06 10 - 6:53am

These were attractive guys, thanks Nerve for a good morning to me!

Dec 06 10 - 7:19am

Marcus is the man!

Dec 06 10 - 7:26am

What would I wear to get laid? My face.

Dec 06 10 - 8:30am

WTF! Are you for real? Cute? fkn douches!!!

Dec 06 10 - 8:33am
Grady LaLa

For me to have sex with just about any of them, they would have to wear ball-gags and masks over their faces.

Dec 06 10 - 10:18am

If these guys were unaware of whether or not their answers would end up on the internet, I wonder if so many of them would have still name dropped high end designers. Would you really want a person who checks the tag on the back of your shirt for confirmation purposes before fucking?

Dec 06 10 - 10:34am

Marcus for the win.

Dec 06 10 - 10:46am

Couldn't they find straight guys for this? Seriously, all but #10 just looked really gay. Is that it? Do you have to look like you only want to have sex with guys in order for any women to be interested nowadays?

Dec 06 10 - 10:52am

@someone-- take it from this woman, the only one I'd be interested in is #10, because of his "ridiculous" comment, which is proven true by guys #1-9.

Actually, I'm not in NYC, and I was thinking as I looked at these guys, "It must be a NYC thing, but none of these idiots is attractive to me." The guy I knew who got the most tail thrown his way was short, hairy, and at that time, pudgy. And, he also turned out to be a secret D&D nerd. Who knows why?

Dec 06 10 - 10:59am

@someone where do you live? the midwest? you'll be interested to learn that dudes no longer have to wear stupid cargo pants and ugly frat boy outfits to prove that they're heterosexual. all these boys are cute :)

Dec 06 10 - 12:01pm

Ok, now that you've covered the SoHo/Village/Brooklyn scene, how about actually doing a versatile examination of different single men in their 20s from across the country?
You know -- guys of varying economic status, cultural background, ethnicity, & professional field. Instead of just talking to 10 style-conscious, media-savvy NY hipsters and pretending like you're actually tapping into some sort of generational mentality.

Dec 06 10 - 12:11pm

Just in case it's of interest: of the ten interviews, four take place in New York/Brooklyn. There are also two from Madison, WI, a couple from San Francisco/LA and one from Chicago. We did, admittedly, choose "style-conscious" men!

Dec 06 10 - 12:21pm

I also think these guys ARE cute -- or at least most of them. And some of them are really cute. What do you want? Ten pop-collared Abercrombie models on horses?

Feb 26 11 - 6:22am

from now on, it's only men on horses for me.

Dec 06 10 - 12:32pm

The only fuckable guys in this list are the last two. Calling the others cute is false advertising.

Dec 06 10 - 2:11pm

I should never move to NY. I wouldn't fuck any of these guys if my life depended on it.

Dec 06 10 - 3:42pm

These men would not be able to get into my pants. Because I like men. They're better dressed than I am. Scary. Ok, besides the tattoo dude. But then he just looks dirty.

Dec 06 10 - 4:27pm

Homosexual. Not a bad thing, but just saying....

Dec 06 10 - 4:46pm

Smelling fresh and good = RIGHT ON! And Alonso just made me throw up a little.

Dec 06 10 - 5:07pm

I'm gay and I still wouldn't do any of them.

Dec 06 10 - 5:31pm
no thanks

Ugh, the only thing that could have made the segment about what cute girls wear to get laid is the follow up dude version. This stuff is the part of Nerve that makes me stop visiting the site.

Dec 06 10 - 8:12pm

I'm a colossal slut and I still wouldn't do any of them. Douche-tastic to the max.

Dec 06 10 - 8:14pm

I thought most of these guys were cute. And also, I'm a cute mid-20s girl in a liberal coastal city, interested in the arts, indie bands, etc. etc. I'd say these cute guys are reaching their intended audience just fine. I'm from the midwest originally and still hate the stupid macho culture there. I like guys who put effort into their dress. All y'all can stick to your own. Fine by me.

Dec 06 10 - 8:20pm

I'm a mid-20s girl in a liberal coastal city, and I think most of them are cute. I think they've reached their intended audience fine. I'm from the midwest originally and hate that macho bullshit with guys who dress in too-loose clothing. Let's keep to our own.

Dec 06 10 - 8:46pm

Their douchieness has nothing to do with their clothing. It just is. Marcus is the only one who bears any relation to cute.

Dec 06 10 - 10:48pm

The problem is the label dropping more than anything else. I'm with jr on this one, though I believe Marcus is the clear winner here.

Dec 07 10 - 12:02am

Toms smell. I would not allow a one night stand to remove his Toms in my apt.

Dec 07 10 - 3:04am

Nooooooooo thank you. Get some actual cute guys. Or at least somewhat attractive guys that don't have shitty pretentious attitudes.

Dec 07 10 - 5:04am

@jr - Agreed.

Dec 07 10 - 6:03am

I find Itzhak to be very very attractive. TJ's cute as well

Dec 07 10 - 1:57pm

I love Marcus' assertion about smelling clean. His commentary was right on! Now, were is Marcus' number??!?!?!!? I guess "cute guys" = "young guys". I didn't really dig the cute factor. (Marcus, you're hot, and you should totally call me.)

Dec 07 10 - 8:26pm
Miss K

eeeew......these guys are getting laid?

Dec 07 10 - 8:27pm
Miss K

THESE guys are getting laid??!!!

Dec 08 10 - 12:06am

1. Itzhak : You know what else there's no excuse for, Itzhak? Dum-ass, hipster tattoo sleeves.
2. Dominic: Who's he fooling? This guy is as gay as risotto.
3. Ben: Obviously has hygiene issues, and dude, you can't grow facial hair so just give up.
4. Brian: Not as gay as Dominic, but damned close.
5. Moshe: This guy looks like every douche on www.lookatthisfuckinghipster.com
6. Frankie: I didn't know Steven Tyler had a son. Also, that sideways belt buckle? Total douche.
7. Alonso: Dude, "Jersey Shore" is a warning, not an endorsement.
8. Lester: Nice try. This guy has never gotten laid.
9. TJ: By "get laid" we probably don't mean those old white guys in Buicks that you blow for $20 a pop, TJ.
10. Marcus: Oh, the Black intellectual thing -- without the intellect but including a ridiculous hat.

Dec 08 10 - 12:15am

none of these men are attractive, and I don't believe their strategies really work. honestly, would you do any of them?! I don't care what they're wearing, count me out.

Dec 08 10 - 4:31pm
What the heck

Tool and douche central.

Dec 08 10 - 5:15pm

@J S - wow - you nailed all of 'em

Dec 09 10 - 1:25am

I think it's numbers 3, 4, and 5 back-to-back that really send this spread south. Anybody is going to sound like a douche when you ask them a question like "What do you wear to get laid?"--but these guys seem particularly unpleasant. Maybe someone should tell them it's possible to look interesting without looking thoroughly disinterested.

Dec 09 10 - 2:04am

Come to think of it, maybe it's no accident that the only one most people think is remotely attractive is Marcus and he is also the only one even quasi-smiling.

Nov 08 11 - 4:47pm


Dec 09 10 - 9:29am

Maybe they have good personalities. For compensation.

Dec 09 10 - 5:18pm
We Are Not Amused

Most of these guys look/come across as uninspired Nouveau Riche. Oh, hey man -- what, you're a colossal asshole, too?! ...Really. These people should give their overflowing CK wallets to me; I could show them how to be a rich douchenozzle with -originality-. Really if you're going to be a dick, you gotta take it to Kanye levels of ridiculousness or gtfo.
That said; I like #5 (despite the hipster aesthetic being a personal turn-off), he seems capable of not taking himself SRZ BIZNESS, #9 I am actually physically attracted to (again, in spite of the typical "I'm such a cool smoker" pose) and seems like his ego would actually fit through the average doorway, finally #10 - I might. He has that self-awareness similar to #5, and is cute.

Dec 09 10 - 11:54pm

If guys are going to put any consideration into what to wear to get laid when they go out, it should begin and end at button flies. Stop it. Stop wearing button flies. They're a pain in the ass.

Dec 10 10 - 4:47am

Totally slept with someone on this list and still think that they all look douchey. Maybe thats what worked though.

Dec 10 10 - 5:53pm

i have a picture of my cat that looks like Marcus

Dec 11 10 - 4:34am

I thought this would be about what girls could wear to get laid but gaaaaaaaaawd I don't care. Those hunky boys with tats....please keep them coming.

Dec 11 10 - 8:58pm

What the fuck is #8?

Dec 12 10 - 1:22am

Why do they look homeless?

Dec 12 10 - 4:35am
hypocrites stfu

Of course, the truth is being a douche (the taller the better) only increases your chances of getting laid. As usual, most women will rant about how these guys have no chance and then come sunrise they are the same women spotted leaving their apartments. But I agree that most of these guys do seem like annoying wannabe PUAs.

Dec 12 10 - 7:30am

If #9 put an "r" in the third word, he would do better. But he lost me on that. Who likes a foul-mouth? Otherwise, the less he wears, the better...

Dec 12 10 - 7:31am

#10 is dead right. Nothing worse than too much cologne. But he won't get laid in that hat. "STAT!"

Dec 14 10 - 7:09pm

Wow, if these guys weren't so Fug, I might consider there advice. Seriously, I linked to this site by accident, but the topic was intriguing. How did you ruin such a good idea for a web article with such bad advice and even uglier, pathetic, deeply self-loathing characters? Is this an april fools day post?

Dec 28 10 - 2:50pm

this is what they wear when they all want to get laid... by guys! so gay. for real.

Mar 03 11 - 4:03pm

Moshe is dressed as Jarvis Cocker!

Nov 08 11 - 4:46pm

hey fuuking boring

Nov 08 11 - 4:47pm

hey fuuking boring