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10 Gorgeous Models Taking Steamy Pre-Sex Selfies

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And they've got your number.

We recently discussed the phenomenon of couples posting #aftersex selfies on Instagram, but the sending of NSFW pre-sex texts is an art-form that goes back to the original camera phone. Amateur photographer Wojtek Pruchnicki recently created a Tumblr for his sexy series titled Selfshots. The intimate portraits feature 10 gorgeous women, some in steamy lingerie others in fetish gear, imitating the act of taking a selfie, all sexually posed as if ready to send their images to a lucky lover. What's interesting about the series is that it highlights the most modern of trends: we're most often dressing up sexy, not for real-life play or professional photoshoots, but for our smartphones. Pruchnicki's work is both gorgeous and a wink to his audience. We're positive any recipient would be more than happy to get a glimpse of one of these shots, even if it's over text.

Here's a look at the beautiful series of Selfshots.

Images via Wojtek Pruchnicki