13 Inspiring Coming Out Stories From Our Favorite Luminaries

In honor of LGBT History Month, we're saluting some of our favorite people's big moments.

by Lizzie Plaugic

Tomorrow is National Coming Out Day, and we figured now was a good time to look back at the history of public self-disclosure. Below, our favorite courageous, surprising, and inspiring "coming-outs" (out-comings?) through the ages. Click the images to advance. 

1. Sal Mineo

Actor Sal Mineo came out as bisexual in the 1960s, following major Hollywood success in Rebel Without A Cause. He admitted to being sexually attracted to both men and women, and believed everyone had the capacity to feel the same way, an opinion echoed by many LGBT activists, but a groundbreaking one in Mineo's time. 

In his own words: "What’s wrong with being bi? Maybe most people are, deep down... I don't like to be told I can only love a woman — or a guy."


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