9. Elizabethan England-era
Notable Examples: The Other Boleyn Girl, Elizabeth, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, The Three Musketeers, The Tudors, The Borgias
If half the films based in this time period are to be believed, people did nothing but wear fancy clothing, screw, and plot against each other during the Early Modern period. Those who weren't doing so lived in the gutter. Or aspired to live in a gutter. Also costing it points: the merkin.


8. The 1950s
Notable Examples: Good Night and Good Luck, The Notorious Bettie Page, L.A. Confidential, My Week with Marilyn, La Bamba, Pleasantville, 
Considering most of the films on this list deal in some way with the idea of how repressed and puritanical everything was in the '50s, no amount of pocket-squares and fedoras will convince me that this was the dapper behind-closed-doors orgy the decade has recently been painted as. That said, I'm comfortable with my distorted fantasy of the '50s as a dapper orgy. Really comfortable.


7. American Frontier
Notable Examples: Tombstone, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Heaven's Gate, The Quick and the Dead, Hell on Wheels, Deadwood, Little House on the Prairie
The Wild West had a lot going for it in terms of sexiness: guns loaded, mustaches curled, destiny manifested. It also had nearly-unparalleled levels of lawlessness and violence, both of which can be huge turn-ons in the right situation and awful in nearly every other situation. Recent works like Deadwood and Hell on Wheels appear to be working hard to erase any sense of sexiness built up by years of Hollywood by coated everything in a thick layer of blood, grime, and more blood. 


6. Ancient Greece & Rome
Notable Examples: Jason and the Argonauts, Troy, Clash of the Titans, 300, Alexander, Cleopatra, Jesus of Nazareth, Ben-Hur, Gladiator
Something about this time period just feels really sexy. Maybe it's the tunics, or the sandals, or the fluid continuum that was sexuality at the time. Maybe it's the democracy. It's probably the democracy.


5. The 1970s
Notable Examples: Almost Famous, Boogie Nights, Lords of Dogtown, Taxi Driver, The Deer Hunter, Munich, Summer of Sam, That '70s Show, The Wonder Years
Pros: cocaine, lax standards of sexuality lingering from the '60s, Studio 54, afros. Cons: cocaine abuse, Taxi Driver-era New York, the Vietnam War. Call it a draw.


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