5. Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is a good-looking man. Look at his square jaw and his liquid brown eyes. But he's also hilarious: his scene with Romany Malco in The 40-Year-Old Virgin has stuck with us for years. He's touring later this year, and though his stand-up routines are usually very profane, he's also capable of chastely making us laugh about the quieter pleasures in life, like pre-bullying your own children.


4. Russell Howard

Admittedly, half of it is the accent. But the other half is the ice-blue eyes and the absolutely savage (but distinctly British) take on everything from Justin Bieber to Harry Potter. His show on BBC, Russell Howard's Good News, is like Tosh.0 if Daniel Tosh weren't a rape-joke-making-bro-comic solely concerned with the low-hanging fruit of internet videos.  


3. Marc Maron

Biting, dark, and just a little bit of a creeper, Marc Maron sort of crept up on comedy superstardom. With his relentlessly introspective, analytical style of comedy, and wildly popular pod- and webcasts, Maron has become the raspy-voiced silver fox of the comedy world. Here's hoping we all grow into bitter old age with as much hilarity and sex appeal as Maron.


2. Donald Glover

He's going to be in the second season of Girls, he's got a new mixtape dropping via his Childish Gambino alter-ego, he's continuing to star in Community, and he'll probably find time somewhere in there to release another special as hilarious as last year's Weirdo. We should probably be filled with jealousy-based rage at him, but we're just hopelessly lost in his eyes. 


1. Rob Delaney

Rob Delaney spends a lot of time being hilarious on Twitter. (Sample exchange: BubbleBear86: "@robdelaney if you can tell Justin Beiber one thing, what would it be?" Rob: "Our flesh will be torn from our bones by rat kings.") He also spends a lot of time being a really funny stand-up comic. And, occasional pedo-'stache and Speedos aside, he also spends a lot of time looking like a square-jawed refugee from Mad Men wandered onstage and started telling jokes. 


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