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25-Foot Stripper Pole Premiering During Super Bowl XLVIII Because Duh

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Apparently size really does matter. 

We live in a complex world. Cars are getting faster. Peanut butter and jelly are coming in the same jar. You can even experience sex from your partner’s perspective with fancy glasses. Thankfully, some industries are rediscovering their roots and “going back to basics.” At least, that’s how Vivid Cabaret manager Shaun Kevlin put it, according to the New York Daily News.

Consistently at the forefront of gentlemen club innovation (apparently), Vivid Cabaret has installed a 25 foot high stripper pole to premiere at the grand opening of Super Bowl Boulevard, which is currently being erected (sorry) in midtown Manhattan, right near the club.

Already a popular feature at soft (hehe) openings, the extra tall pole is causing a stir in more than just the loins. About 15 feet longer than the average stripper pole, the aluminum leviathan has allegedly caused something known as “making it rain,” forcing the dancers to endure the tedium of picking up ones “most of the night,” said Kevlin. 

But even that hasn’t gotten the women down. Eveline, one of the dancers selected to mount the novelty, seemed excited that she’d be performing with “some of the hottest girls in New York.” Even better, she promised that it “[is] gonna be crowded,” cause if there’s one thing better than a sweaty strip club full of drunk tourists in January permafrost, it’s a crowded sweaty strip club full of drunk tourists in January permafrost. Luckily, if “they” win (which team Eveline favors to come in a follow-up interview I’m sure), she’ll be happy to take her dress off. It’s good to know that everyone’s really going the extra few yards this year: the stripper pole with the length, Eveline with the whole doing her job thing, and maybe even a quarterback-punter-man-friend. You go, athlete! Make a score point or something. 

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