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An Eye-Opening Look at the Sexy Desert Parties of Burning Man

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Hot and dirty, literally.

Labor Day weekend is the time for soaking up some last minute sunshine before fall officially begins. But you won't see any white slacks or floppy sun hats at Burning Man, the nomad-like community art gathering in Nevada's Black Rock Desert. Each year, more than 60,000 people travel to the ancient lake-bed, known as the Playa, to build a pop up city, participating in community events involving art, music and brotherly love. A general theme is placed on each Burning Man event and travelers are encouraged to come prepared to contribute to the expression of the theme by demonstrating interactive art installations, creating make-shift dance party structures, or self-interpreting them into their week's wardrobe. At the end of the week, the nomads leave in their metal mobile-homes and the desert winds quickly cover any traces of them having ever been there. 

With ample time for 2014's Burning Man, Reddit user aprabhu86 obtained a coworker's inventory of beautiful images from 2013's main event. The eye-opening images help offer a little clarity into the wild, free-spirited atmosphere of the desert's biggest event. After a scroll through the images, you might find yourself considering a pilgrimage to Black Rock.

Images via imgur.