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5 Sex Life Hacks You Need To Know

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"When she's on top, make the 'live long and prosper' sign with your hands."

Whether you're looking to try new things with your partner or impress your next bedded companion, tips and tricks for sex are everywhere. So, some creative Redditors decided to weigh in on the best under-the-radar sex maneuvers (apparently I've missed out on this coconut oil thing). Here are the five "hacks" that you should use in the bedroom.

1. Alternative Lube

2. Socks

(Ed. note: I will 100 percent not sleep with anyone who purposefully leaves their socks on while having sex. This is nonnegotiable.)

3. No Gag Reflex

4. Go Trekkie

5. Use Your Directional And Slow Down

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