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A Revolutionary Prostitution School in Spain Opens to Train New Sex Workers

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Using education to normalize sex work, one lesson at a time.

Perhaps when the phrase "prostitution school" is said, a salacious image comes to mind. One of plaid-skirted schoolgirls sitting at desks, meticulously taking notes, while their instructor performs a wheelbarrow bend as a man enters her from behind. But the class Prostitution: The Basics of Professionalization aims to focus on a different lesson entirely.

The Sex Professionals Association in Spain, or Aprosex, is a service-oriented organization looking to defend the rights of sex workers and ensure solidarity and safety within the community, and this week, they're offering their first course on becoming a sex worker. The four-hour intensive will be run by a clinical psychologist, a sex therapist, and a veteran prostitute. It will cover everything from the drawbacks of the profession, stigmas and psychological consequences of the trade, sexual health, financial planning, marketing, and security. 

Escort services in Spain have been decriminalized since 1995, but debates amongst policy-makers and sex workers themselves regarding public safety laws, human trafficking, and regulation continue on. As we know, much like all other sex work, the legal status of prostitution does not prevent the age-old industry from operating. So it's best to address the trade just as practically as you would carpentry or nursing, and weigh the pros and cons of entering it. A lot like APAC's adult performer primer, Spain's prostitution school hopes to present an honest depiction of the life of a prostitute, a best practices manual, and a resource for women who have been endangered by the industry.

Conxa Borrell, the president of Aprosex, spoke of the high number of women who are brought to Spain each year to enter an industry where they don't know their rights or how to get ahead. "Women are fed up with being treated like submissive slaves, humiliated, and raped. They are entering the profession at different ages, from 18 and 23 to over 50," Borrell stated. This is not the first prostitution school to be offered in Spain, but it is the first to market itself as a practical crash course for the wisdom-seeking and not merely a means to decrease unemployment. It's not all brass tacks and policies, though: Aprosex will still talk about how to give an amazing blowjob.

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