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A School In Russia Teaches Women How to Perform Better Oral Sex, Is Doing the Lord’s Work

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The practice photos are hilarious and delightful.

The perfect blow job requires skill. Willingness and enthusiasm are great, but they only go so far. At a certain point, a woman needs to have finesse to get a man off. But it's hard, and just darn impolite, for a man to say to woman "you're not doing this right," while she has his penis in her mouth.

So sometimes, to learn to do the job right, a woman has to take initiative. She decides to enroll herself in a blow job class. She has to be in Moscow, pay 2500 rubles (or roughly $113), and spend three and a half hours in what looks like a dance studio simulating fellatio on a dildo stuck to a mirror (though, there are some courses around the world). God bless this woman. She would be a True American Hero, were she American or a man. And God bless this school, for providing sex education to adults.

Most sex is had by adults, and yet adult sex education is almost unheard of. We receive some education during adolescence, if we're lucky, and then left to remember those facts or self-educate for the rest of our lives. This seems inadequate. Many professionals have to be re-certified every few years, to learn improvements and refresh old techniques. Why is there so little opportunity to do this sexually? It would benefit health and pleasure.

Anyway, here are some fairly NSFW photos of Russian women at blow job academy.






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Images via InSerbia.