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A Word From Your Editor

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The rumors are true: we've invented a new internet.

by Peter Malamud Smith

Dear readers,

I just spent a week in a cabin in Maine with no wifi. I went because I was tired of reading blog posts about blog posts about comments on Facebook reposts of tweets. I'm back now — yes, I shaved my beard; no, I did not record any albums about my ex-girlfriends — and as you've probably noticed, today's Nerve is a tidier place than yesterday's. Starting today, we're dropping our news blog. That means we'll be focusing on what we've always done best: creating original features around the insightful, frank, often hilarious voices of real people.

We're aware that this could cost us some pageviews, but honestly, we'd rather have people read a story they'll still be talking about days later than have ten times as many glance with glazed eyes at a post about Justin Bieber walking into a wall. We're excited about offering reading that's more substantial and more unique.

Take Talking to Strangers. In recent months, we've run candid interviews with people from all over the country and the world. Instead of "Five Recycled Ways to Please Your Man," we're just walking up to men and women and asking them what pleases them.

This is first-person internet. It's real people holding forth without a filter. Snarky commentary on the events of the last hour can be read everywhere, but only here will you hear a French-Canadian pixie riffing on the differences between butt-shaking techniques in Paris and Montreal. And while snark can be fun, it always makes me feel like I've been living on candy bars for a week. We want Nerve to be a place that makes you feel good, like having a drink with an old friend — or a new one.

Part of that, of course, comes from you. Nerve is a conversation, not a monologue. You can comment right away, and if you'd like to contribute, email We'd love to have your voice in the mix.

Peter Malamud Smith