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According to Science, Gay Men Are Using Their Phones to Find Sex Way More Than Straight People Are

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According to Science, Gay Men Are Using Their Phones to Find Sex Way More Than Straight People Are

We've been bumping uglies with Grindr since 2009!

By Brian J Moylan

These days straight people are all obsessed with Tinder, which lets them find cute horny singles near them and matches them up for dates or more immediate, steamier rendezvous. Pshaw. Like everything else, gay men were on this way earlier. We've been bumping uglies with Grindr since 2009! And since gay men adopted this earlier, they're way more into it than their breeding counterparts. 

A new study published in the Journal of Sex Research looks at gay men's use of the internet from the 1990s (AOL chat rooms) through 2013 (Grindr, Scruff, Jack'd, Hornet, Skout) and everything in between (PlanetOut,, Craigslist, Manhunt, Recon, Gay Romeo, Gaydar). Mostly it talks about the challenges that researchers face in getting an accurate count of gay men using the internet for sex and dating, but they round up a bunch of interesting data. According to a 2013 study, straight people check dating apps on their phone 8 times a week and use them for 71 seconds. Gay guys, on the other hand, check 22 times a week (that's morning, noon, and night, at least) and for 96 seconds at a time (possibly due to how fucking long it takes Grindr to load these days). 

Grindr says that users spend an average of 90 minutes on the app daily and most people check in about 8 times a day. Another study of guys in Los Angeles showed that 76 percent of guys 18 to 24 in Los Angeles had met someone for sex on the orange menace. So, thanks science, for telling us what we already know, gay guys love them some cruising apps. Hey, it's better than spending all that time wandering around public restrooms hoping for something to happen!

Those who use things from the App Store to get off are less likely to identify as gay as those who meet their meat at bars, clubs, bathhouses, or more traditional ways. That's a little sad, but there's one bit of good news, it seems that those who are meeting through mobile phones are more likely to use condoms. Almost 60 percent of guys who hooked up through their phones used condoms and only 42 percent of guys who met in other more traditional ways did. Sure Grindr might be killing the gay bar, but at least it's not killing gay guys. 

Image via Sasha Kargaltsev