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Most People Would Rather Have a TV, Cell Phone, and Wifi Than Sex

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Talk dirty to me, Siri.

Apparently, the idea that men are sex-crazed beasts and women would rather sit on Facebook than get it on is completely untrue. Both are actually technology-mongers and could really care less if they do the deed that will ensure the future of the human race.

According to Mashable, sex falls sixth on the list of thing adults couldn't live without, below food (because, obviously), a car, internet access, cell phones, a laptop or computer, and television. What it lies just above is "Navigation System." Yeah, you read that right. Sex is just 12 percent more important to adults than GPS. Does anyone else find that ridiculous?

Harris Interactive published their results to a poll that sought to find out how important technology was to adults, exploring opinions like "Technology has improved the overall quality of my life" and "I use technology as an escape from my busy life", with results that were more often yes than no. Contradictory findings also reported were that while adults are tech-hungry, they also think it is "corrupting interpersonal communications," "creating a lazy society," and that their friends and family use it too much. I guess this goes to show that even in a technologically advanced and reliant generation, we can still find happiness in the simple things. No, wait, that's not right.

Okay, so even with results that put sex just above listening to Siri's voice getting you lost through Google Maps, 45 percent of adults still admitted that they could not live without their significant other. I guess we all aren't secretly holding out for sex robots in the future.