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All About the Adult Entertainment Expo Sex Parties the Public Isn’t Invited To

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All About the Adult Entertainment Expo Sex Parties the Public Isn’t Invited To

Where it doesn't take much to kick an orgy into high gear.

The first time I attended the AVN Awards, I ended up at an exclusive after party held at a suite in the Venetian. Surrounded by all manner of porn performers and fetish stars, I watched as a host of debaucherous acts unfolded before me. At one point I sat on a bed as – less than a foot away from me – the legendary porn performer Steve Holmes had his way with a lovely lady. He touched me as if to invite me to join in on the action, I declined. To this day, I'm not sure if I regret that decision.

In addition to beginning the "Oscars of porn," the AVN Awards are the capstone of a four-day consumer trade show known as the Adult Entertainment Expo. Together, they make up the biggest event in the adult industry calendar. If you're a part of the porn world, chances are good you'll head to Vegas in January to mix, mingle, and get business done. Meaning that for four days out of January, everyone who's anyone in the triple X world can be found, not just in the same city, but within the walls of the Hard Rock Hotel.

Not surprisingly, the close quarters lend themselves to quite a few hook ups. Performer Andy San Dimas has described the affair as "porno summer camp," and like many a more traditional camp experience, AEE often results in memorable hook up tales – though ones a bit more saucy than what you might remember from your own sleepaway camp days.

"The most cliché porn things I have done have all been off camera, and mostly in Vegas," performer Bella Vendetta told me. The first time she attended the AVN Awards, she had no idea what to expect. "When I got there I realized it was exactly the way you'd imagine a porno party in your porno dreams: gorgeous people wearing very little clothing drunk and flirty – and that was just on the casino floor." Behind closed doors, things were even more intense, with orgies and partner swapping de rigeur at quite a few parties.

After her first ever AVN Awards, Bella wound up in a hotel room with two well known male performers and a brand new starlet, an impromptu foursome erupting as the girlfriend of one of the performers slept peacefully a few feet away.

With a whole lot of sexual energy – and sexually open people – filling the venue, it doesn't take much to kick an orgy into high gear. One evening, I witnessed almost a dozen performers leaving the Hard Rock simultaneously, piling into a couple of cabs as they made their way to a deluxe suite at a different hotel. The next morning, there were lurid tales of hardcore exploits; the kind even the most experienced perverts were likely to remember for a good long time.

Not that all sex parties happen behind closed doors. A few years ago, I had the good fortune to attend a Burning Angel party that took a turn for the sexy when genderqueer performer Jiz Lee started to turn the charm on a few colleagues. What had moments before been a relatively snoozy affair transformed into a hedonistic gropefest, with hands and mouths and genitals all lasciviously intersecting. Similarly filthy acts have unfolded on Burning Angel party buses: "If you get a bunch of Burning Angels together on a bus, we're going to whip out our vaginas," Draven Star says.

And then there are the more official, organized orgies — like, for instance, the one I attended at the Venetian. Though you won't see it on any AVN event list, it's an annual tradition for many AVN attendees, an infamous party that's spawned quite a few tales far more explicit than my run in with Steve Holmes. When party promoters are dedicated enough to haul a stripper pole from New York to Vegas for a few nights of pleasure, you know they mean business.

But even with all the hedonism in the air, there are still a few who manage to stay comparatively chaste during the week of AEE – usually by intent. "I'm that person that intentionally doesn't go wild while in Vegas," offered performer Danny Wylde. "[Sex parties don't] really interest me. I'm more of a one-on-one sex kind of guy. Even in porn, I prefer having sex with only one partner." Performer/director Courtney Trouble also remains on the sidelines when it comes to group sex: "I avoid [AVN orgies] because I'm in a monogamous relationship and my baby doesn't ever come to AVN with me." When your business is pleasure, sometimes it's best to keep the pleasure strictly business.

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