Almost Naked: New Yorkers in Their Favorite Underwear

by Tommy Kearns

Our favorite underwear gives us confidence. It can make us feel comfortable, beautiful, sexy, or powerful. For some, it's a lacy number while for others it's an old, washed-out cotton standby. We asked some New Yorkers to give us a glimpse of their favorite underwear, whatever that meant to them. The result is a sincere look at what happens when people take off their clothes. 

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An artist, Drew bought his favorite pair of briefs for another underwear photoshoot -- he's practically a professional underwear model at this point -- and he gave the photos to his girlfriend before leaving on a long business trip. He said he bought them a couple sizes too small, "if you get my drift."


Kara works in fashion. Her underwear is very fashionable. 


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