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American Party: Catalpa Festival

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NYC's homegrown festival, through Nerve's lens. 

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Catalpa Festival was held July 28 and 29 on Randall's Island in New York City. TV on the Radio, the Black Keys, Snoop Dogg (er, Lion) and many others played. Saturday was also very rainy (like, biblically), but nevertheless, it was quite the party.

This was the prevailing atmosphere for most of Saturday. Rain. And wet people. The latter is sexy, the former is not. 

The couple on the left’s disgust at the couple on the right is palpable. Maybe they hate fairies. Or men carrying sacks.

I count four contrasting patterns on her. It’s like a Kandinsky holding hands with a Rothko.

Thankfully, I was able to capture this beautiful moment of interspecies accord.

"Your aura is purple."

The Olsen twins of Catalpa.

There was quite the arresting variety of footwear at Catalpa. 

New trend in tattooing: partial rosaries. Such win.

I dream of one day being a hat person.

As the day wore on, the lines between hipster and hobo grew blurry. 

This gentleman fashioned both his wristband and his headband from the remains of his jorts and was quite pleased about it.

Fight! Fight! I saw a fight! Right before I took this picture, the guy who you can see here in the traditional "come at me, bro" stance sprinted across the field and punched the guy wearing flannel in the face, seemingly apropos of nothing. (Possibly over the girl to the right?) Thankfully, the man in the "Pugs not drugs" shirt came over and intervened. Festivals are crazy.

The crowd parted, moved by their love, and then spontaneously broke into "Love Will Keep Us Together." (That did not happen.)

All the Black Keys' songs sound the same. I SAID IT. Fun show, though.