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American Party: The Do-Over, Los Angeles, CA

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Our reporter surveys the locals at a Los Angeles pool party.

Launched in 2005, the Do-Over is a summer party that happens every Sunday in L.A., with additional appearances in Brooklyn, Osaka, London, and Dubai, to name a few. My friend simply billed it as a Hollywood pool party "that we have to go to." I never did find that pool.

1439 Ivar Ave. in Hollywood
Los Angeles, CA


This guy is apparently at all the L.A. parties. At one point he pulled out his pipe and started smoking on the dance floor.


I don't think anyone could pull this off but her.


When I first came in, I saw these girls dancing with Too $hort. (Not pictured.) "Who’s he?" I asked my friend. "Are you serious?" "No."


I just liked their matching dolphin tops.


So apparently I had snubbed a famous actor outside (by the way, what's with all the famous people in Hollywood?), who later aggressively ignored me when his date repeatedly tried to introduce me to him. All the while, I still had no idea who he was. Later, when my friend pointed him out, I felt embarrassed, but not for snubbing somebody famous. I was embarrassed that he thought I'd realized who he was. Thinking about it, he does resemble the bad guy in some big studio films, maybe revolving around cars or stolen money, but I'll never really know unless I conduct some highly involved Google searches. My friend said in consolation, "People in L.A. are weird." Then the girl pictured above chimed in, "Yep." There's your caption, assholes.


My favorite person, who really made the rounds.


He had some explaining to do.


Roughly forty-five minutes into my wait in what was less of a line and more of a gaggle, before I sheepishly name-dropped the DJ’s name to get in, this bearded guy strolled up and brought in five people. In an attempt to determine whether or not he was another famous person I didn’t know of, I later conducted a Facebook survey. He is either "my boyfriend" or Allen Ginsberg.


A fitting end for any evening.