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What This Escort Does Every Valentine’s Day Might Surprise You

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Valentine's Day might not be special, and that might be awesome. 

"Yeah, definitely. I work almost every holiday," said top-line escort Avery Moore told Esquire in a recent interview when asked if she worked Valentine's Day. And on the one hand, that makes sense. There are about as many ways to celebrate Valentine's as there are types of love so, in theory, escorts should be having the busiest, most lavish day of their year, right? 

"Not really. I mean, not to make Valentine's Day sound less special or anything, but most of my dates are like Valentine's dates for most people. I get taken to really great restaurants, I get treated extremely well, and when we get back to the room, I often get a nice gift." Just in case we're unclear, Ms. Moore also gets paid at a starting rate of $1000 an hour, though the price does drop the longer the engagement is. 

All of these somewhat surprising details and more were covered in Ms. Moore's recent interview with Esquire, where Valentine's was put into a new perspective. Like many other major holidays (pretty much all of them except for Earth Day), Valentine's Day has the potential to be blown out of proportion. Between everything being heart-shaped and the ever-expanding realm of what counts as a Valentine's gift, it's easy to see how someone, especially someone working in a sex-centric career, could get caught up in the hype. Alas, Ms. Moore doesn't really buy into it. 

When asked if her clients try anything "kinky" because it's Valentine's, Ms. Moore responded with what seems to be a signature calm. "If they wanted to have wild sex, they would just ask for it. They wouldn't wait to do it just because it's Valentine's Day." Bubble-bursting? Perhaps. A novel idea? Absolutely

Why do we wait for the winter holidays to give each other things that try to convey how much we care? How come we only buy chocolates for our sweetie one time a year? For that matter, why do we only celebrate the Earth on one day in April? (It's April 22nd if you want to write that down.) I can't think of a good answer, and I don't think Ms. Moore could either.

So, this Valentine's Day, feel free to pamper your beau (or hire Ms. Moore), but try to remember the other 364 days of the year as well. 

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