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Apparently, All Moms Really Want For Mother’s Day Is an Extra-Marital Affair

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At least, according to Ashley Madison.

Forget carnations — what moms really wants for Mother’s Day is an extra-marital affair. Or maybe they’re having extra-marital affairs because they got carnations. (Either way, skip the carnations.)

According to #1 married people hookup site Ashley Madison, there’s going to be a huge spike in the number of married women signing up the day after Mother’s Day. Historically, it’s been the site’s second-biggest day for new lady-members, trumped only by the day after Valentine’s Day. The day after Hallmark holidays — that’s when women take action.

That doesn’t surprise “King of Infidelity”(and Ashely Madison founder and CEO) Noel Biderman, he tells the Times Live. If there’s ever a day to feel a lack of affection, acknowledgement, and appreciation, it’s the day after you were supposed to be shown great affection, acknowledgement, and appreciation. Breakfast in bed prepared by toddlers is nice, but based on Ashley Madison’s numbers, it’s not cutting it. Or at least, it’s not cutting it among women who are already inclined to sign up for the discreet services of Ashley Madison.

So husbands, consider yourselves warned. Now is the time to fix your marriage, or talk about your marriage, or be nicer to your wife, or perhaps buy her a thoughtful gift that is not cheap flowers from the bodega. You know, “make an effort.” You can’t outsource everything to toddlers, even if they do make a mean pancake.

Image via John Drake