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Artist Highlights the Simultaneous Motion of Two Bodies During Sex

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A look at 'The Embrace.'

The best sexual experiences come from two people who are so in sync in their desires and impulses, their bodies move as if the subconscious has taken over, allowing them to enjoy the moment. Without over thinking the hook-up, without analyzing what the other person thinks of their body, without thinking of sex as a step-by-step process. Sex shouldn't be so scientific, but rather, an enjoyable and fluid emotional experience.

Illustrator Reuben Negron continued his ongoing exploration of sexuality, Dirty Dirty Love, with a collection of intimate drawings of a man and woman entering into a sexual embrace. We witness the two people move way past just an experience of intercourse by exploring the feel of the other's body. The two figures free floating within white negative space convey the personal worlds we create in the moment of sex. This sense of discovery removes any implication of shame and portrays the interaction as a moment of complete passion.

Here's a look at the Dirty Dirty Love subset, The Embrace.

[h/t Ignant]