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Awesome App of the Day: Cloak, Which Helps You Avoid People in Real Life

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Keep your friends far and your enemies farther.

Your phone is bursting with software designed to bring you closer to others, but a new app wants you to embrace your antisocial side in meatspace. Cloak, which bills itself as "Incognito Mode for Real Life," analyzes location data from Foursquare and Instagram to keep track of your frenemies. The locations of your contacts are plotted on a map, and Cloak will alert you when people you've "flagged" enter your immediate vicinity. Don't want to see Karen? Avoid Chipotle like your life depends on it. Don't want to see Bill? Stay the fuck out of the Museum of Natural History. 

This is brilliant, and as someone who's elevated the strategic evasion of my own friends and loved ones to an artform, I'm genuinely upset that I didn't think of it first. Though there are times when I'll leave my home under cover of darkness (and coffee-stained pajama pants) to dodge even my favorite people, the particular genius of this app is its inherent bias against social media oversharers — who, frankly, I'm more likely to want to avoid in the first place.

Cloak is available for free on iOS devices. Privacy, like pajama pants, is sorely underrated.

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