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Can Sex Promote Even the Most Serious of Topics?

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"The most important sexy model video ever."

Everyone's heard the saying "sex sells." And brands all over the world are putting that philosophy to the test with super sexy ad campaigns promotion not-so-sexy products. Think of Paris Hilton washing a car in her bikini for Burger King or John Stamos tantalizing us with his ridiculous good looks as he eats Oikos Greek yogurt. Save The Children, the leading large scale advocator for children's rights, decided if they were going to stir some awareness for their cause, why not turn to sex appeal to push the agenda?

The organization enlisted the help of six hot models, hired on the pretense they'd be reading an ad campaign for a "sexy brand" in the most sultry voice they could deliver. The participants were shocked when the cue cards turned to alarming facts about the current state of the world's unprotected children. Watch the moving video below. 

[h/t Design Taxi]