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Carl’s Jr. ‘Banned’ Commercial Has a Woman Slobbering on a Sausage

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What do you mean Carl’s Jr. doesn’t have a sausage breakfast sandwich?

Before you enjoy this “banned” Superbowl ad showing a sweaty Fernanda Romero suckling a long Carl’s Jr. sausage breakfast sandwich, I should warn you that Carl’s Jr. does not make this ostentatious breakfast sandwich. I don’t want you to get your hopes up as you watch Romero —who had a long day working at the ranch and can’t pace herself out of hunger —attempts to bring the entire, um, junior down her throat. That’s expected. She’s hungry! She doesn’t care when the mayo spills onto her exposed décolletage and she has to lick every saucy bit off her fingers with aching care. She even slaps her Daisy Dukes to reprimand herself, but you can tell she's enjoying that sandwich, even if this commercial is a parody.

It doesn’t matter that the Carl’s Jr. sausage breakfast sandwich isn’t actually real (though there might be a market). I don't know where to find a Carl's Jr. near me anyway, and in their previous (real) commercials, I mistakenly thought that Kate Upton was trying to sell me stockings and that Padma Lakshmi was warning me about wearing during summer heat waves.