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Carma Sutra, A Manual of Sex Positions for In-Car Entertainment

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Watch out for peeping Toms, because windows. 

If your idea of a good time is a bone in the backseat, you're probably going to want to purchase this ultimate guide to sex positions for cramped vehicle space. Since the creation of motor vehicles, star-crossed lovers have been steaming up the windshields to the sensual smells of upholstery. 

Think of Jack and Rose in that freighted car aboard the Titanic, Happy Days' resident bad boy Fonzie taking some unsuspecting gal up to Lookout Point, or Hillary Swank's smooth moves in Boys Don't Cry. All jumping blindly into the backseat, without the nerve to ask for directions. Well, that's all about to change. 

Carma Sutra is designed like an instruction manual for your vehicle. Inside, you can follow the table of contents to over 20 illustrations for maximizing your space no matter the car model, 25 full-colored position suggestions, maintenance tips, hazard warnings, and a pre-date checklist to ensure everything is properly functioning before the big night. 

You can find Carma Sutra on Amazon for a whopping $61.91, just in time to sit back and enjoy your Valentine's Day ride. 

[h/t Design Taxi]