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Cheating Site Ashley Madison Wants to Buy World Cup Stadium

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Because when you think "soccer," you also think "infidelity."

In an expensive effort to make soccer synonymous with infidelity, adult affair site is looking to buy the naming rights of a World Cup stadium located in Brazil. It's currently called the perfectly fine and sorta lovely Arena da Baixada. The site's CEO Noel Biderman reportedly made an offer of $1.6 million to the FIFA organizing committee after hearing of stalled attempts at the stadium's construction. So what are they going to call the new soccer —I'm sorry, football—stadium? They're settling for the humdrum Ashley Madison Stadium.

Though a cheating site wanting to name a World Cup stadium might sound like an excellent way to quickly flush a mill, Ashley Madison claims that the city of Curitiba, the host of the stadium, gives them the fourth highest revenue in Brazil. This isn't the first time they've hunted after this exceptionally cacophonous, shirtless, body-painted demographic, either. In 2010, Ashley Madison made a $25 million attempt to turn Meadowlands Stadium into a cheater's congregation. The CEO is particularly set on nailing the soccer — whatever, fútbol—market because of what men in business suits like to call "synergy" between sports fans and cheaters. It seems like penises are definitely to blame.

[h/t Soccerly]

Image via FIFA.