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These Chocolate Dildos Are Just in Time For Easter

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Skip the Peeps, I'll take the sex toy.

He is risen! This Easter season wrap your palms around a chocolate sex toy made by, who else, but the French. Dorcel Store is a retailer of all things sex, and was founded by the French porn producer Marc Dorcel, so why shouldn't they celebrate the religious season with a chocolate dildo? I like their gall, but at 35 dollars a pop, it'd be great if it could get more than mouths watering.

Through a partnership with French chocolatier Joséphine Vannier, you can enjoy a limited edition chocolate shaped dildo (72 percent dark) instead of looking around your backyard for the bargain brand chocolate your family uses each Easter. It's not advisable to use the dildo for anything but eating (hello, infections!), seeing as Dorcel suggests protecting the dildo from "odor, sun and moisture."

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Image via Campaign.