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Condom Users Are Better Lovers

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Condom Users Are Better Lovers 

By virtue of being considerate human beings.

By Jessie Lochrie

A certainly unbiased study from condom manufacturer Ansell found that condom users were more confident in the bedroom than those having unprotected sex. To quote the study, “Sexually active individuals who report using condoms every time they have sex are nearly 10 percent more likely to rate their performance as 'amazing' in the bedroom than their condom-less counterparts.”

While studies funded by the very corporation who stands to benefit from them are always a bit suspect, this correlation between condom usage and skill in bed makes sense. To make a sweeping generalization, someone who uses condoms religiously every time they have sex is probably not too much of an asshole. They probably have their shit together enough to keep a well-stocked bedside table and are often sober enough when hooking up to remember to use them. That means they are, therefore, kind of an adult. They don’t want to give or get STIs (and know that condoms are the way to do that), which is great! All of these things should really be bare minimum requirements for having sex, but sociopaths who knowingly infect dozens of people with HIV are still on the loose, so we can’t get our expectations too high. 

Not caring about your partner enough to break out a condom is a great indicator that you, well, don’t care about your partner. Certainly not enough to worry about something so minor as their pleasure or comfort during sex! So yes, condom users make better lovers by virtue of being considerate human beings. STIs are a bummer and Plan B costs $50. That’s like three fancy cocktails, or one-third of a therapy session, or two downloads of Beyoncé.  Condoms: better sex and more disposable income. Everyone wins. 

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