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Conservatives Are More Willing to Swing, Reports Dubious Study

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The survey, from swingers' site Heednly, says the Tea Party likes to key party.

According to a survey from Heednly, a social networking site "for liberated and sexually-adventurous couples and individuals like you," political conservatives are more likely to participate in group sex and swinger parties than liberals. Heednly surveyed 2,800 users, 50 percent of whom identified as liberal and 50 percent identified as conservative, about their attitudes toward sexual adventuring. The survey says that 76 percent of conservative couples said they have participated in, or have attended, swinger or group sex parties, while only 60 percent of liberal couples participated or attended group sex parties, which both seem like crazily high numbers. Of course, this is a survey of Heednly users, who are on the site in order to find folks to swing with. In addition, conservatives like larger groups, with 54 percent of conservative respondents willing to include two to four other partners during sex, while 81 percent of liberals are happy with two or fewer extra participants. 

The survey's publicist has some theories about why conservatives are so open to free love. "I think political conservatives tend to be more conservative socially and they don’t have as many outlets as someone who is socially liberal,” Darren Shuster told conservative website The Daily Caller.  “They are probably suppressed," and Heednly gives them a safe place to explore. 

This is a fair theory, to which I would add that conservatives tend to be old, so they may be adding spice to stale marriages. Also, conservatives are greedy, so they're wont to have as many sexual partners as they can get their hands on. Paradoxically, sharing lovers is Communistic. You know what conservatives say: "Laura Bush in the streets, lotsa bush in the sheets." 

Image via Veer.