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Controversial Photos of Gay Couples Kissing in Historic Catholic Churches

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A beautiful response to opposition. 

Catholic photographer Gonzalo Orquin is loudly supporting his recently banned photo series, Trialogo – a collection of stunning images featuring same sex couples kissing in historic Catholic churches. The century-old Italian churches were hand selected for their oppositions to marriage equality. Each couple shares an intimate moment at the alter of the church, where a wedding ceremony would take place, surrounded by intricate stained glass windows, ornate gold paintings, and hundreds of depictions of Jesus Christ. 

An exhibit featuring the beautiful images was scheduled at the Galleria L'Opera last fall, but was legally threatened and terminated by the Vatican. Rulings claimed the images would "offend and infringe upon the advancement of man in the particular place for the expression of faith." Orquin opened up to various news outlets and his personal site to discuss his displeasure of the ruling, skyrocketing the photos into international discussions on the issue of the the Catholic churches' opposition to marriage equality. 

Take a look at Orquin's gorgeous images below. 

[h/t Beautiful Decay]