Dateline: "He has yet to sink a ball... we are both terrible at pool."

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Female, 19, student
Male, 21, phone salesman


6:51 p.m. - He texts to tell me that he just got out of work and will be ten minutes late.

7:00 - I decide to listen to music in my car and tell him to let me know when he gets there. I’m wearing a pretty maxi dress with a sheer cardigan and my hair is in a low bun. My roommate assured me I looked good before I left.

7:25 - He finally shows up. He’s taller than I remember. And cuter. We exchange the most awkward hug of my life.

7:26 - I pay for the first round of drinks because the bar won’t accept his card. I don’t care, but he looks embarrassed.

7:27 - We sit at a table outside and cover the formalities. I amuse myself by playing with the "No Smoking" sign.

7:32 - He has really pretty blue eyes.

7:38 - So far, I know that he drinks a lot, smokes, has lost his license and has a tattoo on his chest. I also know that he dropped out of uni, likes road trips, and has been to Thailand.

7:45 - I really want to see his tattoo, but figure asking about it would be rude.

7:46 - I let my hair out of the bun.

8:00 - All he knows about me is that I study law. Not 100% sure if he even knows my name. He definitely doesn’t know how old I am.

8:30 - We head to another bar to play pool. He tries to buy another drink; his card fails again. He calls his bank.

8:45 - He is still on the phone with his bank. I go and talk to the bartender for a while because I went to school with her.

8:50 - He re-emerges and pays for his drink. I tell him I am horrible at pool.

9:00 - He has yet to sink a ball. Maybe he is even worse than I am.

9:20 - We are both terrible at pool.

9:30 - I accidentally sink the eight ball. I congratulate him on winning.

9:32 - It appears that I have broken my two hour first date time limit. I silently resolve not to go home until he at least kisses me. I am an idiot.

9:40 - I ask if I can see the tattoo on his chest. It’s pretty sexy.

9:51 - I notice (not for the first time) that he's wearing red Vans with red jeans. The clashiness of this ensemble amuses me a little.

10:00 - We move and sit outside. He tells me he surfs. I picture him topless on a surfboard. It’s pretty.

10:25 - Half the shit he's told me about himself seems to conflict. I wonder if he has a lying problem. But he does really good.

10:30 - I wonder if the nervous chatter and obnoxious drunk stories are a cover for being shy. Most guys would at least have their arm around me by now.

10:40 - I take off my cardigan to show my bare back and arms. Nothing. He could at least hold my goddamn hand — this whole thing was his idea in the first place!

10:48 - I give up and put it back on. I twirl my long hair around my finger. Again, nothing. This is bugging me. I didn’t waste an hour of my life getting ready for him not to notice.

10:55 – I give up, and tell him I have to go. He insists on walking me to my car.

10:59 – We hug. I pull away and raise my eyebrows. He leans back in and kisses me. Thank God, I think. Too bad it's a shitty kiss. On both sides.

11:00 – He pulls away and says good night. I’m slightly irritated at this point — if someone was going to pull away first, it should have been me. I tell him to have a fun night, then jump in my car and cringe before driving away as fast as possible.

11:05 – I touch my lips and realize I kind of hope he organizes a second date.


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