Dateline: "I'm instantly turned on when he speaks to the waiter in rapid-fire Italian."

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Female, exchange student, 21
Male, graduate student, 23

7:00 p.m. - I step out of the shower, and look at my closet. I start feeling inadequate trying to compete with the impeccably dressed Italians.

7:15 - I Skype a guy friend and ask him which outfit I should wear. I'm not sure why I'm asking my nerdy guy friend for fashion advice, but we decided on skinny jeans, cashmere top, and heels.

7:22 - I realize I'm running late, miss my tram, and have to call a taxi.

7:35 - He texts me and asks where I am. Crap. I thought Italians always arrived fifteen minutes late.

7:42 - I quickly walk towards the aperitivo bar where he's waiting for me. I turn the corner and see him waiting there, looking a little more... disheveled than he did when I first met him at a bar. But he makes up for it by greeting me with an adorably genuine smile and his hot Italian accent.

7:45 - I order a mojito, and he orders a negroni. I'm instantly turned on when he speaks to the waiter in rapid-fire Italian.

7:48 - He seems nervous and quiet, so I ask him some questions. I find out that he grew up in Rome, is a master's student at the same school I'm going to, and will be working for Deutsche Bank later this year.

7:51 - More awkward silence. The lack of conversation is killing me (is this the same confident guy who walked right up to me and asked for my number?) so I start drinking more.

7:58 - He suggests we order some appetizers, so we share some panzerotti and olives, but I can barely eat. I'm never hungry when I'm uncomfortable around someone, and this date is getting uncomfortable.

8:15 - I excuse myself to go to the washroom, and as soon as I stand up I realize I'm a little past "tipsy." I forgot that cocktails in Italy are made much stronger. I also forgot that I'm a lightweight.

8:29 - We finally get the conversation going when he asks me what differences I notice between Italian and American guys.

8:31 - I ask him the differences that he's noticed between Italian and American girls. He says, "American girls are more aggressive. Whenever my friends and I would go to a bar in New York, the girls would circle around us. It was amazing!"

8:55 - I suggest we leave and walk around outside. He calls the waiter over.

9:00 - We start walking on the cobblestone streets, but I get my heel stuck in one of the cracks and step barefoot onto the grimy stones.

9:05 - I accidentally drop my umbrella on the ground. He laughs and looks at me a little funny. I tell him it might have something to do with the mojito.

9:15 - I continue to have a tough time walking on the cobblestones, so I ask if we can walk towards my tram stop.

9:20 - When we get to my tram stop he suddenly turns towards me, and his face gets close to mine. I start to laugh, and he asks, "Why are you laughing?" before immediately leaning in to try and kiss me.

9:23 - Now he's trying to go for tongue, but there are people a couple steps away from us, so I step back and mutter, "Let's do this some other time?"

9:24 - He looks dejected and confused, and before I have a chance to explain, my tram comes and he says good night.

9:45 - I get home and I get a text from him: "I had a great time with you tonight. I just felt a little rejected."

9:46 - I explain that I didn't mean to reject him at all, I'm just shy. His subsequent texts sound happier. Ultimately, we go on a few more dates, but the language barrier proves to be a little too much to overcome. We still keep in touch, though.

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