Dateline: "In a moment of moxie, I threw my number into a handsome musician's guitar case..."

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Female, journalist, 24
Male, student, 21

3:04 p.m. - I finally decide to look up the place where I'm supposed to meet my date. He's a musician, and he asked me to join him at a bar for a buddy's gig. I'm stoked to be hanging out with him — hell, I was stoked he called me to begin with. You see, I'm new to New York, and one week ago I was sitting in Central Park, thinking of John Cusack movies, while listening to a good-looking street performer. And in a moment of Cusackian moxie, I threw my number into said handsome busker's guitar case. "Give this Texan gal a call sometime," it read. And he did. So now I'm headed to a show in the unknown depths of the Lower East Side.

3:05 - He's directed me to a coffee shop.

3:05:20 - What if...? No, no. He's definitely of age. Is he? Whatever, he's still good-looking.

8:06 - I arrive in the area. I'm six minutes late, but still too early to be cool. I do a walk-by. It looks popular! The light catches a young man's retainer.

8:12 - I'm in a bar down the street. "Two shots of Maker's, please!" Whiskey, darling, you are my gentle lover.  I pay my tab and breathe deep.

8:18 - He's waiting outside for me. He's all smiles and I can't help but join. The show is about to start in the basement and as we walk past the bar, gentleman that he is, he offers me a drink. I graciously decline a chai tea soy latte.

8:20 - The descent.

8:21 - The smell hits me first, followed by a chest-crushing humidity. I'm in a cave — a moist, sticky abyss of teenage hormones and Proactiv. Skinny, underdeveloped limbs are wagging from skinny, underdeveloped bodies, and I'm being eyeballed suspiciously. I'm introduced to my date's friend John. John is applying to my college. "Oh nice! For... grad... school?" Nope! For undergrad.

8:23 - "How old are you!?" My date's twenty-one. Sweet relief creeps over me, albeit still peppered with skepticism, but I relax into the music and conversation nonetheless. The band isn't half bad.

9:30 - The band finishes their set and we head upstairs to get some welcome air. His band friend joins us and suggests we head over to a bar in Alphabet City with some others. I am comforted by this as well as genuinely enjoying my date's company. I agree.

9:45 - I am led to a shady pan-Asian restaurant overflowing with cheap beer and watered-down pitchers of sake. "IDs?" the waitress asks as a formality. My date then orders... a screwdriver.

10:30 - I'm getting along well with the young troubadour and I've all but forgotten about his questionable drink choice and the teenage cesspool I was thrown into earlier. "You want to get out of here?" I ask. "I've got a place in mind." And one last test...

10: 52 - I take him to my own faithful haunt in the East Village. The doorman has nothing to say about his ID. I congratulate myself. He has his guitar on his back and it's cute to watch him navigate the crowd.

10:55 - We dance awkwardly, smile earnestly, and drink moderately. He is still very good-looking.

12:00 a.m. - We decide to call it a night and head home.

12:08 - We're going in opposite directions, so we must say goodbye at the top of the subway. We hug and pull back. And then I kiss him because I want to. He kisses me back. "I had a really nice time with you tonight," he says. The feeling is mutual.

12:18 - I ride the subway alone, thinking of fate and love and middle school and my totally contrived adventure, among other things. New York City really is magical.

12:45 - I come up from the subway and smile to myself because musician man (boy?) has texted me. I savor the butterflies in my stomach for a moment.

12:46 - "I'm really sorry for leading you on. I have a girlfriend. You're great, though!" Oh, come on. Fuck you, John Cusack.

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Commentarium (27 Comments)

Jun 15 12 - 12:24am

well that was shitty of him.

Jun 15 12 - 12:51am

noooo it was so cute though! i'm sad

Jun 15 12 - 1:21am

At least he said something sooner than later.

Jun 15 12 - 5:15am

Well that sucks :/

Jun 15 12 - 11:01am

Confirms my own experience. Date musicians at your own peril.

Jun 15 12 - 11:12am

Oh my god that's brutal, but that totally made me laugh.

Jun 15 12 - 1:56pm


Jun 15 12 - 11:21am

Brutal result, but very well written. Thanks.

Jun 15 12 - 5:09pm

best one in a while. too bad for the end result, though.

Jun 15 12 - 6:14pm

man, if I had a nickel for every time I had this exact situation with some hot stranger...

sorry to hear this, although it was a great read.

Jun 15 12 - 7:28pm

Well written and funny! Glad to hear not all of these end with a "P" in someones "V"!!

Jun 19 12 - 11:15pm

LOL! But I agree with the sentiment.

Jun 15 12 - 8:07pm

He doesn't have a girlfriend. He just didn't dig her.

Jun 16 12 - 9:34pm

If he does have a girlfriend, he was pretty shitty to lead her on.

If he doesn't, then it's surprisingly gracious of him to peace out in a way that makes him look shitty, ie "whew, dodged a bullet!"

Jun 17 12 - 10:06pm

Disagree. I think he had a girlfriend. He was too young and inexperienced to not call and follow up on the cute note, and at his age I can't say I blame him. Too tempting to see what else is out there. I think he liked her but then realized he also likes his gf so go for the known quantity.

To the writer: Sorry you had the date end that way but the way you wrote it made it really funny. And don't worry,you're young and there are lots cute, actually available boys in the world.

Jun 15 12 - 9:51pm

that's what happens when you pick people up off the street!

Jun 16 12 - 12:48pm
Danielle Harrison

Two things: what's wrong with a screwdriver? (I am 21, so I guess I don't know these things yet)

And riding the subway in the middle of the night? As a woman? Who's new to the city? Be careful, sweetie!

Jun 16 12 - 3:56pm
Johnny Switchblade

Don't believe whatever hype you've been exposed to: New York City hasn't been dangerous since before September 11th.

Jun 16 12 - 7:57pm

afraid to ride the subway at midnight? I assume you've never spent any real time in NYC.

Jun 18 12 - 1:06pm

I'd rather ride the subway alone after midnight than with a 21-year old who drinks screwdrivers and calls me "sweetie."

Jun 19 12 - 11:46pm

To the 21 year old sweetie: I'd be curious to hear what others have to say about this, but to me the Screwdriver is the bog standard Underaged Party Cocktail. The thing you drink when you don't know what (or how) to drink. Unlike its brothers Rum & Coke and Cape Codder, the Screwdriver is rarely consumed by drinkers over the age of 24. One exception would be an individual who is at home on the couch with nothing in the fridge a liter of Smirnoff and his room mate's stale OJ. At this point, Screwdriver is an uninspired drink of necessity. Nonetheless, when you are older you will discover that sugar, acid, and well vodka are a disagreeable combination.

Jun 16 12 - 9:18pm
Danielle Harrison

Actually most of my friends live there, so I am there often. And I will not ride the subway after midnight unless there are guys with me. And I don't think my guy friends would let me ride it alone at that hour anyway. I take the bus instead.

But more importantly, I'd really like to know, what's wrong with a screwdriver?

Jun 17 12 - 7:16pm

I think the idea is that "screwdrivers are drinks for people who don't want to think they're drinking". In the minds of some (obviously judgemental) people, this not tasting like alcohol is a bad thing. Get over it I say. Drink what you want (or don't).

Jun 17 12 - 11:02am
Gila Monster

Maker's Mark is Bourbon. Cha.

Jun 18 12 - 3:56pm

And as a Bourbon, it is still a whisky, but I am sure your super refined self already knew that.

Jun 23 12 - 10:45am

I'm confused...did he direct you to a coffee shop or not?

Jul 03 12 - 8:03pm

LOL! Sorry, but the way you wrote the last line, I really did LOL!!

If it's true he has a gal, then at least he fessed up before doing anything serious. If it's a lie and he just didn't feel it, at least it's a decent lie.