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Doctors Only Spend About 36 Seconds Talking to Teens About Sex

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You've had sneezes that lasted longer.

If you've ever been to a walk-in clinic, you're familiar with the old one-two punch of the rushed check-up. Whether it's a knee injury, chronic stress, or itchy scrotum, you're often met with that patented stern look, an impersonal shrug, and an order for a nondescript blood test that secretly terrifies you. It turns out, teens are receiving the same rushed treatment when they talk to their docs about the birds and the bees.

Researchers at Duke University recently found that the average physician spends a measly 36 seconds talking to their teen patients about sex. In other words, you brush your teeth, take a piss, and masturbate each day for longer than your doctor educates you about sex during a lifetime. Reassuring. 

The research also found that one-third of teen's annual visits never even mentioned sex and that kids are much too skittish to bring up questions about birth control or STDs without their doctor's prompting. Which, in a way, explains every plot contrivance of Secret Life of An American Teenager.

These findings are particularly disconcerting when you consider that average teens aren't getting their humping 101 from schools and they're definitely not talking to their partners about sex. So, for any teens reading: I know you found that Yahoo Answers chain helpful after you Googled, "white stuff vagina coming out," but please, at least see Wikipedia for a second opinion.

Image via Veer.