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Does Your State Talk About Netflix More Than Sex?

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Once we had red states. Now we have Netflix states.

New Hampshirites care about Netflix more than sex, while Delawarians, apparently, are all about doing it and totally unconcerned with the House of Cards. At least, according to the contents of their Twitter feeds.

The good people of real estate blog Movoto analyzed more than 300,000 tweets containing 30 common terms, looking at the frequency of various words by state. The results create what Mashable calls a “sort of election of morals.” A meaningful election of morals? Probably not! But then again, how else would we know Montanans care more about their beer than their orgasms and Utahns (Utahians?) tweet the most about their churches and Hawaiians value shopping above all else? We wouldn’t. (Though we might have guessed about Utah.)

Check out the full results below.

Image via Veer