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Drink This Cocktail: The Spa

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A cucumber-infused gin drink from bartenders at the SoHo Grand.

Jason, 32

The Yard at Soho Grand
310 West Broadway, New York

So what are you making?
It’s one of the Soho Grand’s signature cocktails, called The Spa.

Tastes healthy.
It’s made with Hendrick's gin, fresh lime, fresh cucumber puree, simple syrup, and a few pieces of mint. This is definitely a drink you want to have on a hot summer night.

What drink would you send a girl you’re trying to impress?
When people hear a cocktails uses gin, sometimes they’re turned off by it. Right now everyone’s kind of drinking vodka, but what people don’t know is that gin and vodka are kind of the same. They’re both neutral grain spirits, but gin’s a much older spirit. So I would send this one out. There are a lot of women who think they don't want anything to do with gin, but this is a good drink to broaden your horizons with. 

If we were on a date and I just wanted a cranberry vodka, what would you think?
It’s not very adventurous. Very standard, middle of the road.

So when I want to impress my date, or the hot bartender, what should I order?
I kind of like scotches. There are a lot of great, classic cocktails made with scotches, like the Rob Roy. There’s been a real resurgence of classic drinks lately.

What do you think about appletinis?
I guess it’s a good starter drink, but I would never order one. There’s a stigma to it.

Is there a specific drink that someone can order on a date that gives off a red flag, like the date will not end well?
A Long Island Iced Tea.

You’re the second person who’s said that!
It’s a high-school drink! It’s like five different liquors on the rail, and you try to hide the taste of liquor with sour mix and Coke. It’s kind of a means to an end — you’re just drinking to get drunk. If you’re out for cocktails, you should be there for a drink that tastes good, to have an almost-culinary experience. 

When you see people on dates at the bar, is there anything they can order where you’ll be able to tell if it’s going well or not?
If people order specialty cocktails, and try difference things with every round, it’s usually a good sign. If they keep ordering the same thing, that’s okay, but it’s kind of a sign that they’re in a mode and just trying to get through the date. 

If you wanted to get laid, what would you order?
A Long Island Iced Tea. [laughs] I’m a beer and whiskey kind of guy, and I like when a girl orders that too.

Is a girl who drinks beer a thing? I only drink white wine.
Yeah, it’s kind of a turn-on.

What’s the drink someone can order that will get you, the bartender, on their side?
I’m always impressed when somebody comes in and they order something that’s appropriate to the situation. For instance, we have to think about speed and efficiency here because a lot of times, we’re three deep with parties and events. If someone comes in when we're slammed and asks for an Old-Fashioned, a very labor-intensive drink, it’s a little out of place. But if it’s a quieter night and someone asks for an Old-Fashioned, it’s a great drink, and I have more time to devote to it. I like when people can assess that kind of situation. 

The Spa
2 oz. Hendricks Gin
.75 oz fresh lime juice
.75 oz simple syrup
.75 oz cucumber puree
4-5 pieces of fresh mint

Mix the gin and fresh lime juice in a cocktail shaker. Shake with simple syrup and cucumber puree and pour over ice. Stir in the fresh mint and garnish with a slice of cucumber. Serve very cold.