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Electric Condoms Are Either Amazing or Terrifying

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"It's electrifying!" No, but really, it's probably safe.

Already proving they're the thought-leaders of tomorrow, Firaz Peer and Andrew Quitmeyer (PhD students in Georgia Tech's Digital Media program) have developed a prototype of an electric condom. As reported by the Daily Mail, these two little savants decided to tackle this latex-based challenge when the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation put forth their bajillion-dollar gauntlet

In order to combat the trouble with condoms (less pleasure in exchange for safety), the dynamic duo from Georgia created a "soft, stimulating sleeve" and hooked it up with some electrodes. Said electrodes run down the underside of the shaft of the proposed condom in order to deliver lil jolts. The goal down there is to provide a safe, effective condom that can also add some spice to your dangle. By delivering the tiny bursts of electricity, your cockatoo is stimulated, heightening the experience, while still keeping you and your partner safe, at least from sex stuff. 

According to Peer and Quitmeyer, the amount of electricity used is small enough that safety is not an issue, and honestly, you can take their word for it. 

"The designs have all been tested personally," states one of our bold entrepreneurs in the introductory video available here. Here's hoping it's the one who spends the final 26 seconds of the video enjoying the fruits of his labor. 

Definitely (thankfully) still in the prototype phase, electro-condoms may very well be the wave of the future. For now, they're pretty scary grey wool(?) sock puppet things hugging cucumbers in that special way we all want to be hugged. 

Image via Daily Mail.