Everyone Ive Ever Had Sex With

Everyone I’ve Ever Had Sex With: Female, 21, Amsterdam

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I was fifteen and on holiday with a friend and her family. Her brother and his friends were there too. One of them was in a relationship but was very flirty with me every night. One night I decided it was time for me to lose my virginity, and we had sex on the beach. After a while we got caught by a man who threatened to call the police if we didn’t give him money. We ran away with our pants down by our ankles and continued in a public restroom. I couldn’t sit for two days afterwards. We kissed once when we were back home, but after his girlfriend found out, we never spoke again.

This was on the same holiday with the brother of the friend I was on holiday with. It was a few nights after I lost my virginity. It was his first time and it was pretty bad. He had an orgasm before I could actually warm up a little. I think he was more into me than I was into him. We talk occasionally, and lately he’s been texting me where I am on Saturday nights. I usually don’t reply.

The older brother of Michael and the friend I was on holiday with. He is about 7 years older and was very charming and flirtatious with me. I had sex with him on the beach too. It was only the third time I had sex and I think I wasn’t that good. We haven’t spoken that much since. Once my friend found out what I had done, she was very mad at me. She and I are still great friends and I usually see her brothers whenever I’m over at her house or at the local bar.

This was about a year after that vacation in Spain. I kind of regretted having sex with three boys in one week and didn’t want to have sex for a long time. Jurgen was the first boy I liked and we dated on and off from my thirteenth to fifteenth. We had never had sex before, just everything but sex. We had sex at the football field of our local footbal club. We continued to have sex for about two years until he got a girlfriend. In the end I wasn’t that interested in having sex with him anymore and felt like a substitute for his right hand. I once walked out while we were having sex because he took too long and I wanted to go back to the bar to drink with my friends.

This was a guy who was a good friend of my friend’s boyfriend at that time. He came along with us to a party. I liked him right away and made out with him within an hour. I wasn’t planning to sleep with him, but very bad weather forced me to sleep at my friend’s house and that ended up with me, very drunk, in bed with him. He was very sweet and felt horrible that I regretted it so much. I never spoke to him again.

Another brother of a friend of mine. We were at a house party and ended up sleeping next to each other. In the middle of the night we went to another room to have some privacy. The sex was pretty bad, but he was very good with his hands and mouth. I made out with him a few times after. He is actually a friend of mine now and we just laugh about it now.

Kas was a boy I met on holiday in Bulgaria last year. He was very pretty and had beautiful hair. We met while waiting in line at McDonald’s and my friend and I went back to their apartment. The sex hurt pretty bad since I had an IUD placed a few weeks before. After that he said he was going to get me some food. He returned a few hours later, said two words, and then took off again.

I was trying to flirt with his friend, but he seemed more interested in my friend than me. By the end of the night, I was very drunk and took him as a second best. He was actually very good in bed and put me in positions I had never been in before. We had sex the next morning and a few nights later again. Although he was great in bed I was kind of repulsed by his body and his personality. He lay in my bed for hours while I waited at the pool for him to go home. He told his friend I gave him the best blowjob of his life, and after that, his friend wanted to switch. I turned him down. Ronald still sends me Snapchats of his (very hairy) penis. I just ignore him.

Jerome was my best friend in high school. Everybody always thought we were in a relationship. Sure we made out a bunch of times, but there was never anything more than that going on. On my 21st birthday this year the mood between us changed. The last time I had sex was 8 months ago and I was horny all the time. We had sex in an alley after we left the bar. I can’t remember much of it but it wasn’t very special or anything. I worried that things between us were going to be very awkward from then on, but we talked about it a few times and now we get along just like before.

Roy was a footballer at our local football team. He had done some stuff with a friend of mine and she told me he was well hung. One night we kept flirting with each other and I knew I was going to have sex with him. We had sex somewhere outside and it was up to that point the best sex I had had in my life. It was the first anal experience I had too and I really liked it. He had a girlfriend and a daughter and cried afterwards. To make him feel better, I gave him another blowjob. We had sex the week after that in his mother’s car. He left to play for another team after that so I never saw him again.

I can’t say much about this. I was very drunk and it happened outside while I was on a mini-vacation with my friends. All I know is that I couldn’t sit for a few days afterwards.

This was a guy I met at a bar on vacation in France this year. He was 45 years old and we had sex in an alley behind the club. I didn’t want to ask his name afterwards so I just refer to him as ‘that 45-year-old guy.’

I took Sean back to my place after a night out on that same vacation. He asked me for my number afterwards and since he didn’t have his phone with him, I figured he would forget it anyway. He didn’t stop texting me for two weeks and kept saying he wanted to have my body, soul, and love. He also said he was coming over to Amsterdam to find me. After being polite the first few times I went stone cold bitch to get him to back off. He wasn’t that good in bed either.

Milan is a boy from my hometown who broke off with his girlfriend of 6 years earlier this year. He went to Australia for 6 months after that. While I was on vacation in France, he came home and I kept saying I wanted to sleep with him. A few weeks after I came home from vacation I spotted him at the bar and walked over to him. Within minutes we were kissing and we had sex later that night. His brother walked in while we were going at it. We’ve had sex about four times now and I am really starting to like him. He is the only one I have ever wanted to stay afterwards.