Everyone Ive Ever Had Sex With

Everyone I’ve Ever Had Sex With: Female, 21, Montreal

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My first time was with a guy I barely knew. While I was home for the summer, I felt so much pressure from my family. Being raised in a super religious family, they went through a phase during which they were convinced I had lost my path. I don’t know if I wanted to prove a point or if it was simply because I was lonely. Either way, I went to his place and waited for him in his bed…naked. When I had finally realized what I had done, I cried like a baby. It goes without saying that it happened only once. I was 19.

He was my first real boyfriend. I noticed him on campus and didn’t know how to approach him. I first sent him a message on Facebook asking him a phony question about a course. We started chatting and texting and he asked me on our first date. We dated for a little over 5 months (relatively a short period of time). It didn’t take long for us to actually sleep together. He ended up telling me he loved me soon after that. I had issues during intercourse. It was always painful and he had more fun than I did. It didn’t help that he was gifted down below, if you catch my drift. And he hated giving cunnilingus, although I enjoyed giving blowjobs ( a little too much).

We broke up, because I was pretty needy and he was too busy with school. After a couple of months, I told him I missed him and wanted to get back together which he went along with and it lead to sex. He told me two weeks later that he was “in love” with a girl he had met. I was broken-hearted. I have yet to heal. But the saddest part is that I still love him. And, honestly, I don’t know if I’d date him again or not.

A complete waste of my time and energy. I was pretty low. There was no future here and obviously knew that because I was too embarrassed to introduce him to my friends. He didn’t introduce me to his friends either. I guess the feeling was mutual. He enjoyed giving cunnilingus, although he did a terrible job. On the bright side, I slowly felt less pain during intercourse with him. But he was just too much of a pervert and lacked self control. I was just a hole for him to stick it in. Even as friends with benefits or whatever you want to call it, there should be a certain level of respect. What I have learned is that timing is everything. The only way no one gets hurt is if both parties apply the exact same meaning to sex. An act of love, of lust, or simply boredom. If it’s unbalanced, someone is bound to be hurt.