Everyone Ive Ever Had Sex With

Everyone I’ve Ever Had Sex With: Female, 22, California

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I was visiting some family in the east coast and met Elie. We instantly connected. No other guy, as handsome as him, had ever paid that much interest in me. I was 17 and peer pressured into losing my virginity once and for all. I was dumb and didn’t listen to my heart. He was sweet and brought pillows and a duvet to make his trunk/backseat comfortable. It was uncomfortable. He tried to make me go down on him but I was genuinely scared and nervous to put my lips down there. We did it two more times. The summer romance came to an end when his best friend (who became my best friend) told me Elie was hooking up with three other 15-year-olds, which completely disgusted me and made me cry for a minute or two, before anger just filled me up.

When I came back to L.A., I developed a crush on Justin (I had known him since Junior year of high school). He was a year older than me and had a fast car. I had the biggest crush on him,so asked him for help in a class. His tutoring lead us into a friends-with-benefits situation. We both agreed to not tell anyone about it. I still paid for his tutoring, but looking back, I really shouldn’t have, because he was just using me. He told some of his guy friends what was going on, but to this day I deny it. And although he opened his mouth about us, he still cared for me, and would help me out in whatever I needed. Deep down he was a sweetheart, but I guess he was just trying to keep his distance during our “arrangement.” This lasted for about six months on and off. I’m surprised it was so low-key for so long.

Smelly European with a very small dick. He was in the “cool” crowd, and even though his dad is an extremely talented neurosurgeon, he was NOT smart in any way. I was drunk and he fingered me. He was incredibly talented with his hands, so I thought he would be great in bed, but when it came to the actual deed, he was lacking in length and skill. Only happened once, and afterwards we ignored each other.

I went back to the east coast after my senior year of high school. He was a cousin of a friend, and wow, we had an incredible sexual chemistry from the moment we met. He went down on me the first night we met and was very talented. I asked him why he ate me out and he said, “Ladies first, plus I love it.” Biggest turn on ever, I still think about it when I masturbate. We had sex a few times while he was there.

My first one-night stand. I went on a trip with some girlfriends during my stay in the east coast. He was very handsome, with a wonderful set of hair. As the night progressed, I got more and more drunk. We almost fucked in the club had it not been for a security guard who scolded us, but laughed at the same time. We left and fucked in some bushes. He accidentally went up my butt, and that was it. I almost cried and he got scared, so we walked back to the club.

We met the following night at the same club. He was a European model, but since I’m not into pretty boys, I didn’t give him too much attention. This drove him wild, and for the rest of the night he kept on trying to get my interest. He was the best catch, so in my drunk state, we went back to his hotel room and fucked. He was okay, but I just didn’t really care to be there, so I left quickly afterwards. I feel bad for leaving so fast.

Back in L.A. for my FIRST year of college, He was a year older, a “bad boy” type of guy that I knew from high school, who smoked weed, and is most likely no where in life. We dated for a few months, but the sex was mediocre and he was very self conscious of his body. It was a huge turn off. I was, and still am, very comfortable in my body (and I was a bit big at the time). He was too skinny for my taste, but he had a long package. I tried breaking up with him, but he wouldn’t let me. A week went by after my initial attempt and I just broke up with him and never looked back. I still deny that I ever dated him.

My friend set us up, telling me he was the best sex she’d ever had with one of the most powerful orgasms. Since I still hadn’t had an orgasm, I was on a quest to get one. We went on our first date and ended up fucking in the back of his pretty big SUV. He had a small penis, but he had stamina. I wasn’t too interested in him, so we ended up jacking off into a condom while I sat in the front and fixed my hair. We went out a second time, but again, it was a disappointment.

John J
He was an interesting guy, but too skinny for my type. He was from a wealthy family as well, and was smart in his investment. I guess what attracted me the most was that even though he was given what he had, he was very humble in most ways, and was very mature. We had a lot of make-out sessions, on and off (in a very unofficial way). We finally had sex once, but he didn’t take off his shirt or boxers. Midway through I asked him why. He said, “because I barely know you.”

My first love. We met in Vegas through mutual friends and we both fell hard that first night. We made out all night, and the following night as well. He was super sweet and cute and a complete gentleman. When we got back to L.A., we were supposed to go out on a date, but instead went to his apartment, watched a movie, and made out all night before he drove me back home. A month later we became official and we had sex that night. I found out a week later I was his first, and was impressed he lasted relatively long for his first time.

Ralph was my best friend before I met Dan, and I had the biggest crush on him. After Dan and I broke up, Ralp and I began making out almost every time we saw each other. One day, his parents were out of town, and one thing lead to the other and we “had sex.” He had a hard time staying hard. I tried giving him head, but only made it worse, which puzzled me since I had a lot of experience and was quite good at it at that point. We just took a shower after and laughed it off.

Dan again
We had a messy break up because we tried to be friends with benefits for a about a month, which only lead to more heartbreak for me and him.

I met him while I was in the process of breaking up with Dan, at the beginning of my third year at college. When I met him, he lied about his age. I believed him that night. He was so handsome and understanding the night we met at a friend’s house. He asked for my number, but I never heard from him.

We crossed paths in college two weeks later and we hit it off again. He was a year younger and I knew it, but he didn’t know I knew. It was endearing watching him tell me the truth. We had an intense sexual chemistry. We had sex after about a month of dating. We didn’t really mean to have sex, because we wanted to “wait” to be official. Once we went at it, there was no stopping us.