Everyone Ive Ever Had Sex With

Everyone I’ve Ever Had Sex With: Female, 60, Oregon

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He was my first, and I was his. A handsome Catholic boy. Neither of us had any idea beyond “insert tab A into slot B.” It was clumsy, and painful, and ended when his parents walked into his dorm room one morning and saw two heads on his pillow.

Alvin was a six and a half foot tall pre-law student with a Japanese mother and black father — he was big and gorgeous and a complete maniac. He had a habit of getting a little coked up and climbing up the wall to my second floor dorm room and pounding on the window in the middle of the night. He taught me how to give good head.

A Cal Tech student who slept on a beanbag chair. Neither of us had a car and it was too hard to see each other, so we only spent a few nights together. Sleeping on a beanbag chair is uncomfortable.

A graduate student with bedroom eyes. I was so flattered that this older guy was attracted to me. He was probably a better lover than I was able to appreciate. He didn’t ever wash his sheets, and I finally got so creeped out that I broke up with him.

The first big love of my life. He was handsome, and funny, and taught me to love the outdoors. Our first date was an overnight camping trip where I gave him a hand job that made him so happy, he almost cried. He was the first lover who gave me an orgasm, and he was really good at oral sex. When we were apart, we had phone sex. We were together for two years until he fell for someone else and broke my heart, another first.

On the rebound from Tom, I went on a two-week Sierra Club hike in British Columbia and had a one-night tent affair with a married guy who came before I could even get my lips around him.

I made friends with Bart, graduate art student, when I was a senior. Bart and I got drunk one night and admitted to each other that we were both unbearably horny and maybe we could help each other with that. Bart, a big bearded barrel chested man, was only a so-so lover and then accused me of infecting him with some kind of STD, which was pretty unlikely since I hadn’t had sex with anyone for over a year.

I can’t remember how I met Mel. He was a graduate student of theology, of all things, but he was a good kisser and had an adorable puppy who chewed my fingers. I spent the night with him once, but he was just too strange.

Another grad student, a friend of Mel’s, Marc was funny and adorable. And married, although I never did figure out exactly where his wife was. He was wracked with guilt over his attraction to me, but I more or less threw myself at him until we got drunk one night and had sex. It wasn’t very good — I think he was too guilty.

My second real love, Eric was a friend of Marc’s from back east who came out to visit for a week. He was tall and dark and hard-bodied. We spent the night on the beach and I gave him a sandy hand job that rubbed him raw. But after that, the sex was excellent. He liked to get a little stoned and do it doggy style. We spent a hot week together, then he got in his VW bug and I never saw him again. It took me months to get over him.

Our first date was an overnight camping trip where I gave him a hand job that made him so happy, he almost cried.

A carpenter who I briefly worked for. His wife was enormously pregnant with twins. He was kind of fat and seemed to feel that I owed him sex for hiring me, and for some reason I went along with it. It was disgusting.

The brother of a woman I went to school with, Ed was a nice guy. We spent one night together, but I got my period and didn’t feel well, so I asked him to masturbate while I watched, one of the few guys who’s ever done that for me. For some reason that I don’t remember, we never went out again.

Nate is the man I finally married. We’ve been together for most of our lives now. Strangely, sex has never been that great with us, but we are really good friends.

An atmospheric physicist from Great Britain, Howard was confident and fun, and had that sexy accent, but was also extraordinarily self-centered. He had amazing sexual stamina, could get it up every 45 minutes for hours on end, but didn’t seem to have any idea on how to do anything except stick it in and saw away until he came. He was also married, but I didn’t find that out until I was tired of him anyway.

Jim was a young guy who just loved sex. I met him at my job, and he came right out and asked me if I wanted to fuck. He was the only lover I’ve ever had who gave me more than one orgasm, and he had a gorgeous penis. His girlfriend finally asked him to stop screwing other people, so he did. I had to honor that.

Michael was a good friend. He had the greatest joy in life. We decided to see if our attraction to each other was worth the risk, so we had sex a few times. He was a good lover, strong and steady, but our lives were too intertwined in other ways and we decided to cool it.

Michael & Jay
A year later, Michael met Jay, a beautiful statuesque woman. Michael, Jay, Nate and I had a brief foursome but we got walked in on and that was the end of that. The only time I’ve made love to a woman. I enjoyed it but have never have or made an opportunity to do it again.

I met Steve when I was living in the mountains. Steve was great fun, a lusty man who loved sex and was remarkably uninhibited. We had lots of fun, the best sex of my life — the only man that I’ve been with who could make me come with penetration. Also the only person I’ve ever had anal sex with. But Steve wanted someone to have kids with and that was not me.

The most beautiful man I’ve ever known. I’m still in love with Dion. We had a strong attraction that we didn’t act on for the longest time for various reasons. We finally had sex a couple of times. Dion was a wonderful kisser but the sex was terrible. We never got a chance to get past that.