Everyone Ive Ever Had Sex With

Everyone I’ve Ever Had Sex With: Male, 21, Ireland

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I was seventeen, she was fifteen. She was experienced, I was not. I lied and told her I wasn’t a virgin but that soon became obvious after a few minutes. I went soft and she said we shouldn’t continue. I haven’t heard from her since.

She was one of the “popular” girls in high school. We were both equally inexperienced, which was great, but due to my poor first performance, I got stage-fright a lot. She stuck through it and was very patient with me. We remain very good friends.

One of the first people I met in university. We became really close friends. One drunken night, we hooked up, no sex. We didn’t discuss it until a few months later when we started dating. A part of me really loved her, but I always thought of her more as a friend. She went to Canada and we broke up. We’re still in the same class and very good friends.

We met each other in a dirty nightclub on a drug-filled night. We dated briefly but mainly fucked in my car once or twice a week during the summer. She told me she wanted us to be together. I ignored her calls and messages. We occasionally see each other but she ignores me.

She was a French-Canadian exchange student in my university. She brought me home the night we met. She was a few years older so I lied about my age. I would call over to her apartment every night after work or drunk-dial her. She was into me but I didn’t want a relationship. She was awesome and I treated her like crap. She’s now a lawyer in Québec.

I met her one night around Christmas after a bar crawl. We went back to her place and had the worst drunken sex ever. I made frequent booty-calls to her house over the space of two months, but the relationship expired. She was the only girl my friends have never seen or met. She’s in my university and although we see each other daily, we ignore each other.

She was my first serious girlfriend. She was amazing. We had our problems but sex was never the one. The relationship turned sour for the last two months. I went to live abroad for a year, so we broke up. I came back and it wasn’t the same. We tried being friends but she couldn’t do it. We have frequent awkward encounters in hallways and parties.

Summertime again. She was drunk, I was sober. She wasn’t pretty but she had this goth thing going on. I came quickly and she passed out shortly after. She was my first one-night stand.

She was smart, elegant, and French. I tried to seem older by going for wine and cheese, French movies, anything to impress her. We finally had sex after a month. Again, I came quickly. She kissed my forehead and told me it was ok. Embarrassed, I never contacted her again. I regret being such an idiot.

April was crazy. She was 17. I was 20 but she taught me things I had only ever seen online. In one night, we did more than I had done with all the other girls combined. Very high on the list of best sex I have ever had.

Alejandra 1.0
I met Alejandra one night in a party in Mexico. I had a girlfriend (Alejandra 2.0) but we hadn’t had sex yet. I left the party with her within 15 minutes of being there. We went back to mine and fucked 7 times. I forgot her name in the morning and she stormed out. Never heard from her again.

She was my house-mate and quickly became a really close friend. Our other house-mates were away for a weekend and we got drunk together. One thing led to another and we slept together. We continued the charade in secret for a few months until one of our house-mates caught us. She went back to Germany soon after. We remain good friends and talk quite often.

Alejandra 2.0
One of the most attractive women I have slept with. We met last Halloween in Mexico. She knew no English and I could barely speak Spanish, but we made it work. I became her boyfriend through mistranslation but we were relatively happy for a while. She was never allowed to stay over at my house because her parents were so strict. That didn’t put a downer on our sex life but the language barrier did, so we broke up.

She was beautiful, flirtatious, spontaneous. She was also my house-mate’s love interest. Fortunately, for me, she wasn’t interested in him. We slept together once when we stoned. We went on a date a few weeks later but she had a troubled past I couldn’t handle so I stopped seeing her. My house-mate didn’t take my mistreatment of her well so I had to move out.

Where do I start with America? I met her through a friend and we really hit it off. We went for drinks and she forgot her keys, so she asked if she could stay at my house. I brought her home and she told me she had a boyfriend in Australia. I backed off but we hung out a lot as friends. Eventually we started sleeping together but the chemistry was completely off. Mainly my fault, I could never get hard, or else I would come too quickly. She couldn’t handle it and would get angry. I told her it wasn’t working and we stopped seeing each other. Definitely the least civil break-up I have had.

The most attractive and sexy woman I have slept with. We didn’t sleep together much but she had the most amazing breasts. Unfortunately, she also had this tendency to always bring her sister with her everywhere so I needed a wingman constantly. Great girl but strung me along for a few months. Haven’t heard from her since. A friend recently told me she passed away. I wrote to her but no response.

Another night on my travels, she was magnificent. Covered in tattoos and much older than me, I was her boy toy. She whispered Spanish I couldn’t understand but we had a connection. We spent the night together. The next morning I had to leave the city.

She was a big nerd but there was something extremely endearing about her. She was so fun and gave the best head. We dated for two weeks but the relationship relied on sex. We had a pregnancy scare and haven’t spoke since.

One of the few women I met in Mexico who spoke English. We hit it off instantly. She was well-travelled but quite snobbish. Although three years my senior, she was quite inexperienced. So inexperienced in fact, she snapped my frenulum the first time she gave me head. Off to a bad start in the bedroom but the problems were caused from baggage from her past relationship. I fell in love with another girl (RRV) near the end of it. I stopped sleeping with her and she stopped seeing me.

This girl is amazing. I had always had a thing for her but never got the chance to seize my opportunity. Initially only physical, we began to develop feelings. I left NML for RRV but she had to leave for the US soon after. By far the best sex I’ve had. Always spontaneous, never boring — we had a strong connection. She visited me just before I left Mexico for a weekend. We spoke of long distance but believed it would never work. We speak everyday.

French, attractive, stylish and beautiful. She was extremely confident but this didn’t transfer to the bedroom. Lights off and duvet covering her at all times. It was extremely frustrating but she had this aura that made me keep coming back for more.

The worst one night-stand I have had. Awkward and uncomfortable, everything that could go wrong went wrong. I left before she woke up. Nobody knows.