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Everyone I’ve Ever Had Sex With: Female, 22, England

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I got bored halfway through (a common theme with him).

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We met at a mutual friend’s New Years party when I was 17, where I pretended to be far more experienced than I actually was. Which culminated in us losing our virginity together after a few months of weekly dates in his car in a carpark on top of a hill. We then had a takeaway and he told me that the entire experience had been completely underwhelming. However, due to my lack of self-esteem and need for a boyfriend, I convinced myself that I was in love with him. We only slept together a few more times, including a particularly horrific experience where I bled in his mouth when he went down on me and a car pulled up alongside us. He remains the only proper boyfriend that I’ve ever had, and he still doesn’t know that he was my first.

One of Mike’s friends that I met at a Eurovision party at the same mutual friend’s house. I slept with him in a tent compartment in the garden that night, and despite me being on my period, he told me that he didn’t care. He lasted a long time and I got bored halfway through (a common theme with him) but I blamed my own inexperience for that, thinking that because he’d had a longtime girlfriend previously, that this is how sex should be. My main concern during this was making sure that somehow Mike found out.

He was a virgin that I’d briefly ‘dated’ the year before, and tried to convince myself that I was attracted to him despite being slightly repulsed. Just before I slept with Justin, I had given him a blowjob on a hillside in some gravel and just after I slept with Justin, he invited me to a party at his house. We went to his bedroom and had sex, which involved him thrusting away like a plank on top of me before going downstairs to look after his drunk friend, where I accidentally gave away the fact that I wasn’t wearing any underwear with his shirt.

We met again at a friend’s 18th in a village hall, where one of Mike’s “friends” was telling me about how she’d slept with Mike. This bought back old memories and made me determined to show, yet again, how over him I was. This resulted in us doing weed on the patio and then fucking for hours on a sofa. Looking back, it seems faintly ridiculous, but I was so ashamed that I never told the friend we were staying with what had happened. After that, we made plans for me to go to his house during the day, smoke weed, and fuck, but due to him starting to date shortly after, the plans never materialized.

I met him in a really shit club on holiday in Cornwall. Justin happened to be there at the time and I felt so awkward about being around him that I wanted to shake off his puppy-dog mentality and go back with Max. What this actually led to was us asking people in the street for a condom and then having sex up some stairs in a back alley covered with brambles. He kept trying to make me come, but halfway through, I realized that I just wanted it to be over.

The first person that I slept with at university. We had sex a ridiculous amount over four months. Four months where we were first together, then fuck-buddies when he kept cheating on his inexperienced girlfriend with me, and messing us both about by saying that he was single when he wasn’t. He ended up giving me chlamydia and I ended up faking a pregnancy just to try and keep us together. When he eventually dumped his girlfriend, we dated publicly for two weeks before he decided that he didn’t know what he wanted and we broke up. His ex and I decided not to get involved with him again. It was really just a big mess.

Liam was from a nearby hall. I met him in a club and really liked him, so he came back with me. He’s notable because during sex, he looked deep into my eyes and told me that he was a virgin. I felt so guilty the next morning that after he left, I never contacted him again.

Someone else that I met in a club from my university. We went back to his, and had sex three times in a row before I left his immediately due to having early-morning commitments. My phone was flat and I didn’t give him my number when he asked – something that I now regret due to him being fantastic in bed.

Alex lived in my halls, and I’d never thought of him in a sexual way due to a rumor that he was seeing someone all term. When I questioned him, he said that they weren’t dating. We had sex one night and in the morning, just before the Christmas break – but he couldn’t keep it up. When I came back from the winter break, thinking that something was going to happen, I found out that he’d been dating that girl all along and had lied to me. I never told anyone that I slept with him.