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Everyone I’ve Ever Had Sex With: Female, 23, Malaysia

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"Blowjobs in a lecturer’s office, where the walls are paper-thin…"

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He was the boy next door, or down the street, rather. He used to cycle over to my house in the middle of the night for teenage makeout sessions (you know the sort: all tongue and hands) after my family had gone to bed. One thing led to another, and I lost my virginity to him one night in my bedroom, with my stuffed toys in the corner looking on. One of the hottest partners I've had to date, we were both very experimental and not afraid of suggesting new things to try out in the bedroom, bathroom, dining room, kitchen… you get the idea.

After four years of dating Lex, we ended things. It was heartbreaking, but long-distance relationships are hard to keep up, especially when you’re barely out of your teens and not mature enough to really work through bad patches. A few weeks after the breakup, I met Logan. He was twenty-eight and ready to take a stab at being happily settled; I was twenty-one, rebounding hard, and in no condition to make any sort of commitment. I tried to tell him so, but he persisted and I gave in. While I adamantly refused to exchange lovey-dovey sweet nothings, we exchanged plenty of fluids. One of the biggest cocks I’ve had to date, the sort of big that would hurt me if we hadn’t had sex in a while. Eventually, I ended things once and for all. He came over and cried on my sofa, and then left, swearing that I was the only one for him forever and ever. According to Facebook, he got a new girlfriend about a month afterwards.

Our different religious beliefs made it hard to sustain a relationship, as my parents’ abject disapproval wore me down after a while. He was also prone to depression, which was not fun. I tried to help him in whatever way I could, but depression is best left to the experts, and a girlfriend adding to the pressure of being “okay” can have a negative effect. His down episodes were an added strain on an already teetering relationship, but he was great in bed! My first circumcised cock, and boy, are circumcised penises fun! It was Alan who first gave me the inkling that gentle men sometimes have the strangest, roughest fetish fantasies.

My lecturer, who was also my dom. He’s married with two children and had (and still has), no intention of leaving his wife. The attraction grew over the semester I was in his class, but was only consummated after the semester was over. (Also, I got a B in his class, so it definitely did not affect my grades in any way.) Blowjobs in a lecturer’s office, where the walls are paper-thin and you can hear the lecturer in the next room spraying air freshener, are a new level of thrill altogether. By far the oldest man I’ve ever fucked, and the only dom. Intellectually as well as physically stimulating, I still feel lucky to have been able to experience what I did with him. I feel a little relieved that he never expressed any desire to leave his wife — I guess in a way it makes me feel less guilty. As he put it, if the sex doesn’t result in a breakdown in the marriage, is it really that bad?

An on-again, off-again fuck buddy, and a steady regular buddy. We’ve been friends for years, and have been in and out of the sack for slightly fewer years, through each others’ relationships with other people. One of those rare cases where we genuinely have no romantic feelings for each other, but truly enjoy our friendship and the sex we have. That being said, the sex has ended now. I’m currently in a monogamous relationship, but my friendship with Ron remains as strong as ever.

Another friend, but this one has more of a star-crossed lovers air to it. The spark had been lingering in our friendship for years, sustained by the sexual tension that seemed to hover over us whenever we were together. But he was single when I wasn’t, and vice-versa. One day, after too many drinks, it seemed only natural to slip back to his place and get naked. It only happened the once, and the next morning, when we both had to respond to frantic texts from both our partners, it hit home that we had cheated on our respective other halves. It’s really sad, but it ruined our friendship forever. Our partners never found out, and we have both since moved on to new ones, but the forever changed the way he looked at me. A week or so later, at a barbecue in the same house we had sex in, a few friends and I were in charge of prepping the food, and the next thing I knew, his girlfriend had volunteered to help. So there we were, standing side by side rolling mushrooms in bacon, and suddenly, I had this irrational urge to say “I fucked your boyfriend in the bedroom upstairs." I didn’t, of course. Ben and I didn’t make eye contact the whole night, and we haven’t really made any since.

Oh, Pete. Pete was a tomcat. Anything with a vagina was a target, and hey, I had one too! Pete was another partner who stimulated my mind and body, and we’re still good friends today. He frequently tells me that he really does love me, and the other women are just sex companions, but I really think that I’d be an idiot to take his words seriously. My time with him was almost like an escape from reality; it was incredibly brief and intense. I bunked at his apartment for weeks and had a crazy sexcapade that included losing my anal virginity and having my first threesome with another girl, over joints and wine at six in the morning while I worked on my school assignments. Life with Pete was crazy, I never really knew what was coming next, which is probably why I eventually fell for the calm that was Melvin.

I’m still dating Melvin. After the highs and lows that came with all the other guys, I’ve come to the conclusion that monogamy is the game for me, much to the derision of Pete, and even Ron and Fred. It took a while to convince the trio that I was serious about taking the “conventional” route, but they’ve all come to accept it. It’s been at least a year since any one seriously propositioned me about anything involving nakedness. Except for Melvin, of course.